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Sunday, December 31, 2017


     Government evolves from its coercive, bureaucratic phase to its new role as coordinator and facilitator of people's creativity. Genuine Self-Government is achieved as people become truly Self-Governing---that is, higher-Self Governing. (Lines out of a book.) 
     The Garden Party is looking to the future. To have a future, the Agriculture Methods, in Canada, require a few alterations. And more than a few people to co-create the next big change in food production, processing and distribution.   
     These are not the only things that the Garden Party, now based in Spences Bridge is working on, but we see food as the first step. We need to sustain ourselves and those working on positive actions that will carry us all into a co-created evolving future, exercising our full human potential as individuals. This will benefit not only in addressing the errors of our Agriculture methods, but also add to our efforts of slowing down Climate Warming, adapting, and maintaining Natural Diversity. 
     We are here in Spences Bridge to talk, learn and teach, and apply ourselves to tasks at hand, because this is a big job, 1500 trees or thereabouts, we are not waiting for Spring to spring into action. Check out your local food producers, they may need help to be help.    

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