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Saturday, November 4, 2017


     What better gift for Xmas than a Soap Box for people to stand on and say what needs to be said. Exercise Freedom of Speech, a good wooden soap box, placed in the appropriate location, exercising free speech can get results faster than a wheel barral of lawyers. Soap boxes give just enough height to a speaker and are easy to set up near any problem one might have. 
     The Garden Party is considering building a plant to build Soap Boxes in Victoria. Order now to receive Your Freedom of Speech boxes before Xmas. Boxes are $12 each or you can go for our special Xmas Deal of buy one and get one free. The first box on this deal is $24. The value of this deal is $48. If you buy two $12 boxes separately the value is only $24. Might as well go for $48 value, the two boxes are exactly the same except one deal they are worth only $24, the other $48, and a higher re sale value. We also have a deal for the high rollers, a $36 Box and get two free Soap Boxes, Prices will hold until supplies run out, and we expect a lot  of demand from the USA, Japan, S and N Korea as well as Russia. The Soap Opera continues.        

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