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Friday, November 17, 2017


     Most effective way to deal with social and environmental problems is collectively. At this moment, if bombs are not being dropped on your head, or if you are not in a refugee camp with starving kids, or living on the Street in Winnipeg and winter is moving into your bed room, you might consider Global Warming as the number one issue to address. Priorities have to be set, but if you or your family or community is in distress, or your house is burning down, or you just fell off a roof and you have not yet made contact with the frozen ground, your immediate priority might be other than Global Warming. All the issues have to be addressed, refugee camps, freedom of movement, poverty, governments run by money, racism, polution in all its forms, waste, fifty percent of the food produced in the world today is wasted and goes uneaten while millions starve. These are some of the issues and they all can be addressed quite simply. Unemployment is an activity created by that funny money, to insure a supply of slaves and keep all the other slaves working for fear of ending up on the street homeless. Collective action can address all these issues and that is what the Garden Party is all about.
      The Garden, local farm, sustainable food production, processing, and distribution can eliminate unemployment. Plants and trees covering the ground cool the air mass around them, the more green cover, the more global cooling. Burning of fossil fuels adds to global warming.  End the waste of produced food, end the long distant distribution, end the rediculous packageing and fossil fuel use for its production, and as far as food is concerned, fuel consumption could drop 60 percent and that is a conservative estimate. Add in other green energy use such as solar and say good bye to fossil fuels. If you have done the work with open eyes, you see the results you know that collective action, many hands dirty could address quickly most of our social and environmental issues. All the real resources exist to solve these problems, are you ready to get your hands dirty doing clean work, we have some big chunks of dirt waiting for them, we have trees waiting to be pruned, vines waiting to be planted, we have lots of exercise for more than just a thumb.       

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