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Wednesday, November 1, 2017


     The Poor NDP of BC Canada claims to be stuck between a Rock and a Hard Place when it comes to making a decision on Site C Dam. They can put the dam on hold, build it for jobs, or cancel the project. The NDP beat the drum that the project would be stopped if they got elected, now they are not so sure. All those jobs for an unneeded costly stupid project must be the hard spot, and the Rock would be the Voters who will never again vote for the NDP if the project is not shut down. The Garden Party to the rescue, the NDP could still create thousands of jobs, and spend billions of taxpayers dollars on Site C Dam closing it down.. The site could be restored using only shovels and wheel barrows. Those jobs could last for as long as it would take to build the Dam and make all those construction workers. who don't mind working on useless projects happy, and all the people opposed to the Dam happy because the Dam Plan got cancelled. Gardeners should be the Government, they can dig themselves out of any problems caused by rocks and hard places.. Now if the NDP can take The Garden Party's Good Advice and Shut Down The Dam, and help the Garden Party make BC   the Wheel Barrow Capital of the World, all claims to fame are temporary events, we may get a chance to continue evolving.
     And this is remberance month, remember you Local food producer, and make sure they have what they need to start another season next year...        

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