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Wednesday, November 1, 2017


     Big Food Retail Chains are in the process of eating one another by relentlessly holding down food prices. To measure the value of money, to the value of food today, to the cost of farming, is alarming. With inflation, the prices, bigger number costs of all products rise. Wages go up, all the costs go up, but the price of food is held down, the small producer, farmer, gets eaten, Monoculture herbicide pesticide land destroying water polluting  gmo toxic foods take over, at least that is the way farming has headed in Canada for the last sixty years. The same effect is happening in Bulgaria, Buckina Faso, Stead Manitoba, Punjab India. Certainly we need change in Agriculture Practices in Canada, even small farms need some changes, but it is the big corporate farms that are devastating not only the physical environment but also giving a little bit of poison to every day to every single person eating their for profits food.
     What Can The Minister of Disaster Prevention Say, Get out and get some exercise by helping your local food producers, your small Farmer.

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