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Tuesday, November 28, 2017


     We are busy, so we have not got the time to run around and fix everybohy's problems. Now, we got a escalating North Korea threat. Now, concerned countries are meeting to decide what they should do about NK. Instead of meeting with each other and packing up on NK, maybe each one of them could have a meeting with NK, talk, talk more if necessary, quit the threats.
     Of course, we can't just stand around watching sheep, The Garden Party Self Government of Canada, is officially, sending out an invitation to have a meeting with representatives of NK. The Idea is; To Come To A Peaceful Conclusion, and that more problems won't come boiling up later. The Minister of Offence Prevention for The Garden Party said today, that any NK representatives are welcome to drop in anytime, for a visit unannounced at the farm. We are too busy to set up meetings but are willing to meet, talk, and take action.
     There is some fact to the fiction that The Garden Party was responsible for ending the Cold War between the West and the East, yep, did it over the phone this is different, but we are up to the challenge of the prevention of military action. We are a optimistic bunch of Gardeners, like sprouting seeds.
     This is pass it on mail to Kim and NK.      

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