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Friday, November 3, 2017


     Waste makes lots of jobs, BC residents are told we need Site C Dam to provide energy for pulp mills to produce paper for advertising flyers. Forests that were once popular mushroom picking grounds are now stumps, trees are all gone, so are the mushrooms, for flyers selling junk. Wake up people, the planet is getting trashed by our actions. Or is it because of our Inaction.
     In action today running away from the cold north wind, frozen ground and snow, back to Vancouver Island. The Garden Party is at a G4 meeting with Wobblies in Harrison Hot Springs, looks like some old soap boxes are being examined carefully for termites as if they are going to used, Message today from The Garden Party Soap Box is : Buy Less Save More, Buy Nothing and Save Everything.  This Garden Party Gift of Nothingness is what we are generously  giving to all our friends and hope they will share this gift of Nothing with all their friends and family. Nothing, truly can be more satisfying. For the sake of global warming wake up, buy nothing for Xmas, 2017 the year that Saved Everything, and Cost Nothing, what a relief, and just in time. 

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