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Tuesday, November 28, 2017


     We are busy, so we have not got the time to run around and fix everybohy's problems. Now, we got a escalating North Korea threat. Now, concerned countries are meeting to decide what they should do about NK. Instead of meeting with each other and packing up on NK, maybe each one of them could have a meeting with NK, talk, talk more if necessary, quit the threats.
     Of course, we can't just stand around watching sheep, The Garden Party Self Government of Canada, is officially, sending out an invitation to have a meeting with representatives of NK. The Idea is; To Come To A Peaceful Conclusion, and that more problems won't come boiling up later. The Minister of Offence Prevention for The Garden Party said today, that any NK representatives are welcome to drop in anytime, for a visit unannounced at the farm. We are too busy to set up meetings but are willing to meet, talk, and take action.
     There is some fact to the fiction that The Garden Party was responsible for ending the Cold War between the West and the East, yep, did it over the phone this is different, but we are up to the challenge of the prevention of military action. We are a optimistic bunch of Gardeners, like sprouting seeds.
     This is pass it on mail to Kim and NK.      

Saturday, November 25, 2017


    Where are the leaders, Coke and Pepsi say they will be using green packaging by 2025. To save the shareholders a lot of unnecessary research for perfect environmentally friendly containers to distribute their sugared  garbage drinks, The Garden Party Minister For More Unemployment forecast a collapse for these two Corporations sooner than later. The Minister is Showing Self Government Leadership, by boycotting not just the containers but also the garbage Foods and Snacks they contain. All boycotts of The Garden Party are inclusive and global as The Garden Party does not recognize borders. Therefore this is an International Boycott, stop buying Garbage Foods and Snacks. How many committees did it take to do that? How many laws did we have to make and taxes to collect to get results? None, and a boycott cost nothing. Long term benefits of no Garbage Corporate Foods would solve a lot of health problems caused by toxic foods. Yes all Corporate foods have some toxic herbicide or pesticide on them or in them, stuff that is made to kill bugs or other plants, stuff that poisons oceans and ground water and will of course kill humans when we eat drink and breath too much. Does look like, one way or another, population control is on the menu, to carry on doing what humans are doing now, humans will make it to the endangered species list, right now they are just number one on the list of Most Dangerous Species of Planet Earth. Humans claim to have intelligence, and that may be true, but they apparently have lost their ability to reason. Stuck in the mumbow jumbow of money, religion, and law, humans continue their truck towards self destruction. It is not surprising that the Minister For More Unemployment has gone on strike for good Reason and uncommon sense. Boycott Junk Food, and junk in general.       


     "Enough hesitation already", we are adding another word to Site C Dam, that word is Dam, and that is to be taken as the meaning of the words' "DAM SITE C DAM. The Garden Party Self Government Without Borders, is calling for Public Action, to dam all support for the NDP Elected Minority Government of BC. Until they have cancelled the project. If your work involves helping in any way shape or form, refuse your service. Stand your ground and dig in, if enough of the public do nothing, it will not take long for the NDP or any government to do something.
     Power to the People, because that is where power belongs in a participatory democracy and that is what we are practicing, Reason, we do not need the Dam, it was being built to service the Liquified Natural Gas industry. Although the public are paying the costs of building Site C Dam, none of the electric power was for public use. Just another attempt to highjack public resources at public expence. Well, The Garden Party is saying as clear as a shovel of dirt flying through the air, "DamSiteCDam", and now has begun the long process of Doing Nothing. Live outside BC? Boycott BC Products at least until the Dam is Cancelled. And don't wait for Spring to Save, Do Nothing Buy Nothing Now.   

Monday, November 20, 2017


     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders is considering getting involved with the Fixed Elections held every four years that requires manufactured voters to decide which bunch gets to stick their clean hands into the cookie jar. Got to tell you what it is, if any of those political parties get elected and they are not crooks when they go in, they sure look like fat cats that somebody took the broom to when they get thrown out. The process is corrupting.
      Yes or No, that should be enough, democracies with Elections in every country end up unpopular. And Elected Governments are not keeping up what must be done to avert Global Warming. Thus, The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders, free movement of people, by opening borders we are no longer restricted by Flags stuck in the sand and Claimed.  All the claims of title have been a lie. All the lines in the sand and claiming this is yours and this is mine, a sane person claims none of it, a sane person wants to take good care of all of it. The statement of: 'If You are not for me, you are against me', there is more than just agreeing with words that we have to take good care of our environment, more than just agreeing is required. If you already know what you can do, get on with it, and, can we be of any help. If you don't know what to do we might be able to give you a clue or two, mostly of what not to keep doing, and perhaps together we can change all that needs changing. If you are just waiting for the next election, it could be that nothing will get done. Under Self Government, Vote yourself in as Government. And go to work. If we all did what we are able to do, the job would be done before the Elected.           Governments got finished with committee meetings. It's called Evolution ,clear the dead wood, lots of major changes are coming, The Garden Party is working on it 24/7.   

Sunday, November 19, 2017


    'Go For it', that's what Buffy said, break the mold away, crash through the spider webs and change the world. We agree. November 21, is The Garden Party Internatioal Holiday From Money. The 21st of every month is a Buy Nothing Day. 
     Why not? One day a month. Just takes about ten percent of people not to go to work, or spend any money to shut down the whole mess. The Garden Party is Calling For A General Strike in BC until Site C Dam is Cancelled. We do not need the Dam, plane and simple. If built it will never be considered 100% Safe by any geologist. The river is a Old fault line, and it will one day move again, no amount of steel and cement is going to stop those plates from moving. When they will move again is unknown, but if it happens during the life span of the Dam, who would be so Stupid to go ahead with this Dam now that this fault line has been discovered by geologists, the NDP Elected Government of BC might be that Stupid.The Garden Party is Going On Strike,  Today, and will do nothing for as long as it takes for common sense to be common, SHUT DOWN THE DAM DAM! And have a nice day!  

Saturday, November 18, 2017


     Awesome event going on in Abbotsford BC right now. The death of a Peace Officer has been getting World Public attention, also by many police forces, and all the Canadian police forces. It is a clear message, the police need some hero to boost their image ; the people of the community liked the peace officer , he made the community better, he did his job and gave the kind of service that every peace officer should. Most people don't like Cops, or go to their funerals, but a lot of sure did like that Peace Officer. 
     The Garden Party Minister of Mayham and Disorder is sending this memo to all police officers wherever they may be, observe your own past actions for a moment, don't justify, think about it, much of the General Public have a negative feeling about the general conduct of police officers, now, serve in a new  way, people want peace officers, restrain, or fire your bullies, people will show their support if they are treated equally and with respect, the world is changing, get on board. That would be a positive change, can we safely say, for most police officers. Yes you can be Peace Officers, show us starting now.

Friday, November 17, 2017


     Most effective way to deal with social and environmental problems is collectively. At this moment, if bombs are not being dropped on your head, or if you are not in a refugee camp with starving kids, or living on the Street in Winnipeg and winter is moving into your bed room, you might consider Global Warming as the number one issue to address. Priorities have to be set, but if you or your family or community is in distress, or your house is burning down, or you just fell off a roof and you have not yet made contact with the frozen ground, your immediate priority might be other than Global Warming. All the issues have to be addressed, refugee camps, freedom of movement, poverty, governments run by money, racism, polution in all its forms, waste, fifty percent of the food produced in the world today is wasted and goes uneaten while millions starve. These are some of the issues and they all can be addressed quite simply. Unemployment is an activity created by that funny money, to insure a supply of slaves and keep all the other slaves working for fear of ending up on the street homeless. Collective action can address all these issues and that is what the Garden Party is all about.
      The Garden, local farm, sustainable food production, processing, and distribution can eliminate unemployment. Plants and trees covering the ground cool the air mass around them, the more green cover, the more global cooling. Burning of fossil fuels adds to global warming.  End the waste of produced food, end the long distant distribution, end the rediculous packageing and fossil fuel use for its production, and as far as food is concerned, fuel consumption could drop 60 percent and that is a conservative estimate. Add in other green energy use such as solar and say good bye to fossil fuels. If you have done the work with open eyes, you see the results you know that collective action, many hands dirty could address quickly most of our social and environmental issues. All the real resources exist to solve these problems, are you ready to get your hands dirty doing clean work, we have some big chunks of dirt waiting for them, we have trees waiting to be pruned, vines waiting to be planted, we have lots of exercise for more than just a thumb.       


     Unexpected but not totally, main thing is to move potted plants, if anyone has a place to put them till spring in Victoria area get in touch with The Garden Party Minister of Agriculture at 604 928 3663. About 700 pots.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


    450 million American dollars for a beat up painting 400 years old, that should tell everybody something.  The American dollar is worthless, and there's the proof. The whole art world became a scam once money got involved. Art is often purchased as a tax write off, art is used as equity for loans, players in the buying and selling of artworks manipulate money values of art by driving up the bidding at auctions, nobody other than the players really know how much money is changing hands in the whole process, just like everything else you put a dollar value on, it just a piece of junk in the end.
     Whoever bought that falling apart painting of Christ and spent 450 million, the Garden Party Minister of Agriculture says he would like just one million to create a hundred acres of living art, to produce food to feed all the people that got disenfranchised by the 450 million used to buy that Jesus Christ Picture. Just saying, got a extra million for some living art, send it right over, working on the canvas now, going to call it heaven on earth, now that kind of art, it is truly priceless.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders, is holding it first TPT Summit Meeting in Spences Bridge to discuss what Canada will stop exporting and importing. Dirty oil, a favorite for the plastic industry is not expected to make it to the BC Coast in a new pipeline, done deals are no longer done deals just because Elected Governments let all the cows out of the barn. People are still saying no pipeline and they are driving the cows back in the barn, no bull here. 
     Besides, the world plastic consumption is expected to drop by at least twenty percent in the next year. Production may not stop as fast, but every concerned human, the majority now are concerned, will be avoiding plastic like the plague. 
     Junk Free Xmas this year, better Nothing than Plastic, Junk made for next years landfill that will pollute for decades, hardly a gift. Freedom from All Plastic Junk. The Gift that will have a lasting effect. Even Pacific Salmon would like plastics off the market, those are the only plastics that do not end up in their living quarters.          

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


    The Garden Party is holding people accountable for their actions even if what they did was legal to the letter of the law. Nobody likes paying taxes and it is no surprise that most wealthy people find ways to avoid sharing their good fortune by moving profits and money into off shore shell companies and financial institutions. It is likely that most poor people would do the same if they were loaded in cash, and most 'poor in cash' people do avoid paying taxes when the opportunity is presented. Money invites corruption. There are a thousand ways to avoid taxes, and it always helps if you stuff some of your savings into politicians pockets, and adjust a few little laws so you can drive a Mac Truck full of money through the Loop Holes. 
      Clam down, and have a real look at the History of Canada since Confederation, where you find money and power, you will find corruption and suppression. The difference now, is you will find your laundry on display around the world, and you will be held accountable for your actions, rich in cash or poor in cash. It is hard to identify a good apple from a bad apple in Ottawa, so The Garden Party fired for the fifth time The Entire Elected Government of Canada, this time for Misconduct of accepting money that should have been put in the public purse. The BC Liberal Party former leader also received directs payoffs that should have been neatly placed in the BC public purse, she is gone now, with a fat purse. What's new? The Garden Party is almost Five Years Old, and still Growing.  

Monday, November 6, 2017


     Australia, or at least the powers that be, need to be held accountable for the treatment of refugees who show up on its shores. Refugees who have been forced for self Preservation into a great effort to get to Australia are shipped to a detainment camp, or camps, like criminals, where they are abused or tortured, then forced into more harm, or even death by returning the refugees back to situations from which they were fleeing. Wrong is wrong and Australia as a country should be charged for Human Rights Violations. The Garden Party is not suggesting punishment as a solution, just open the Garden gate and show the world Australians are human beings, we know the refugees are human beings who need help, do your part Australia, or live in your self made prison and act as if you live on a different planet.

Sunday, November 5, 2017


     No one should underestimate American Resolve, quote From D Trump. Perhaps Donald was talking about Americans who want him out of office as President. Come on Americans, get your Garden Party Soap Box and show the world that Trump was right about one thing, Your Underestimated Resolve to remove him as President..
     The Garden Party is reviving the Nursery in Saanich BC this fall and winter to start more food producing shrubs and trees. The Minister of Sustainable Agriculture and The Minstrel of Portugal are, with underestimable resolve, determined to drastically alter Agricultural Practices in Canada Without Borders. We could work together, many hands shelling peas will get the job done much faster. Our survival depends on getting those peas shelled. Get in touch, action in progress, outside the soap box. 

Saturday, November 4, 2017


     What better gift for Xmas than a Soap Box for people to stand on and say what needs to be said. Exercise Freedom of Speech, a good wooden soap box, placed in the appropriate location, exercising free speech can get results faster than a wheel barral of lawyers. Soap boxes give just enough height to a speaker and are easy to set up near any problem one might have. 
     The Garden Party is considering building a plant to build Soap Boxes in Victoria. Order now to receive Your Freedom of Speech boxes before Xmas. Boxes are $12 each or you can go for our special Xmas Deal of buy one and get one free. The first box on this deal is $24. The value of this deal is $48. If you buy two $12 boxes separately the value is only $24. Might as well go for $48 value, the two boxes are exactly the same except one deal they are worth only $24, the other $48, and a higher re sale value. We also have a deal for the high rollers, a $36 Box and get two free Soap Boxes, Prices will hold until supplies run out, and we expect a lot  of demand from the USA, Japan, S and N Korea as well as Russia. The Soap Opera continues.        

CBC GettingLame

      According to The Ministry According to John, Joe Hill never died said he, Joe Hill will never die, said he.  But the CBC might die said he, it is half dead now, said he. Yet Joe Hill is very alive, he is alive in me, come on CBC, how about a revival, said he, who lives in the last house on the left on Diamond St in Harrison Hot Springs, BC, drop in and say hello to John.

Friday, November 3, 2017


     Waste makes lots of jobs, BC residents are told we need Site C Dam to provide energy for pulp mills to produce paper for advertising flyers. Forests that were once popular mushroom picking grounds are now stumps, trees are all gone, so are the mushrooms, for flyers selling junk. Wake up people, the planet is getting trashed by our actions. Or is it because of our Inaction.
     In action today running away from the cold north wind, frozen ground and snow, back to Vancouver Island. The Garden Party is at a G4 meeting with Wobblies in Harrison Hot Springs, looks like some old soap boxes are being examined carefully for termites as if they are going to used, Message today from The Garden Party Soap Box is : Buy Less Save More, Buy Nothing and Save Everything.  This Garden Party Gift of Nothingness is what we are generously  giving to all our friends and hope they will share this gift of Nothing with all their friends and family. Nothing, truly can be more satisfying. For the sake of global warming wake up, buy nothing for Xmas, 2017 the year that Saved Everything, and Cost Nothing, what a relief, and just in time. 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


     The Poor NDP of BC Canada claims to be stuck between a Rock and a Hard Place when it comes to making a decision on Site C Dam. They can put the dam on hold, build it for jobs, or cancel the project. The NDP beat the drum that the project would be stopped if they got elected, now they are not so sure. All those jobs for an unneeded costly stupid project must be the hard spot, and the Rock would be the Voters who will never again vote for the NDP if the project is not shut down. The Garden Party to the rescue, the NDP could still create thousands of jobs, and spend billions of taxpayers dollars on Site C Dam closing it down.. The site could be restored using only shovels and wheel barrows. Those jobs could last for as long as it would take to build the Dam and make all those construction workers. who don't mind working on useless projects happy, and all the people opposed to the Dam happy because the Dam Plan got cancelled. Gardeners should be the Government, they can dig themselves out of any problems caused by rocks and hard places.. Now if the NDP can take The Garden Party's Good Advice and Shut Down The Dam, and help the Garden Party make BC   the Wheel Barrow Capital of the World, all claims to fame are temporary events, we may get a chance to continue evolving.
     And this is remberance month, remember you Local food producer, and make sure they have what they need to start another season next year...        


     Big Food Retail Chains are in the process of eating one another by relentlessly holding down food prices. To measure the value of money, to the value of food today, to the cost of farming, is alarming. With inflation, the prices, bigger number costs of all products rise. Wages go up, all the costs go up, but the price of food is held down, the small producer, farmer, gets eaten, Monoculture herbicide pesticide land destroying water polluting  gmo toxic foods take over, at least that is the way farming has headed in Canada for the last sixty years. The same effect is happening in Bulgaria, Buckina Faso, Stead Manitoba, Punjab India. Certainly we need change in Agriculture Practices in Canada, even small farms need some changes, but it is the big corporate farms that are devastating not only the physical environment but also giving a little bit of poison to every day to every single person eating their for profits food.
     What Can The Minister of Disaster Prevention Say, Get out and get some exercise by helping your local food producers, your small Farmer.