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Sunday, October 22, 2017


     Energy Efficiency, conscious consumption, freedom of movement, public control of food production and distribution. A unbelievable revamp of Agriculture in Canada, with the complete elimination of herbicides, pesticides and a lot of other toxic chemicals is on the Garden Party Agenda. Got to be done if there is to be a future two generations from now. 
      So? How about we really take a big kick at the can in 2018? Sit down and think about just where to place a good collective kick, we in the Garden Party figure getting control of your food supply is a good place to start. No ground to work?  Or just want to do more? Visit a family farm, see what you can do to help wrap up the year, and what needs to be done in getting ready for the Spring. One small step is better than none, it will lead to the next, get moving, you will feel better and need less pain killers, and even live longer and do more.        

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