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Thursday, October 26, 2017


     Irving Oil got a 5 million dollar fine for breaking safety laws in transporting of dangerous chemicals, resulting in the death of 46 people and burning down much of a town in the province of Quebec. Billionaires, exploiting Canadian resources, exploiting democratic process, for decades, putting profits before safety, get fined half what they probably have paid their lawyers, and how much was given to their favourite politicians? Fines, lawyer fees, political donations, the cost of doing business, all tax write offs that would have gone into the public purse. And 46 people dead, and a burnt town, gets Irving Oil a fine of 5 million, that is a Tax Write Off, are you sick yet? How many Profit Driven 'Accidents' happen every day in Canada? Enough to make everybody sick, that is how many. Seems like the whole country is taking some kind of pain killers. Gardening is the best medicine for pain, side effects are tasty, and less chemical trains will be the result. 

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