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Monday, October 30, 2017


    Minstrel of Portugal, Mayor of Stromville, and the Garden Party Minister of Disaster Prevention Where Possible, are the first delegates to the World Emergency Responce Summit in Spences Bridge. Hauling deadwood out the way that didn't bare good fruit was first on the agenda, preparing the ground for grape vines, then pulling up a few hundreds of tomato plants. 
     The Minstrel of Portugal understands the small Farmer needs help, but so does an ex-convict need help to reintegrate into society after long jail time. Canada like the USA have a terrible record of failure with their present methods of locking people up and forgetting about them, big mistake. We do know how to change the 'lock em up system' but once a system gets established, that system is hard to get rid of, even if does not get its expected results. Punishment rarely results in good results. Is it fair and just to blame a crime on just the one that did the crime? Can we blame the parents, how about the teachers in school and churchs, or advertisers, or the gardener that chased some kid out of a pea patch, or does our whole society deserve blame? Or maybe we can blame the dead a thousand generations ago for the misdeeds of today, most likely they were the cause, send out the arrest warrant, lock me up and forget em, but if some kid today commits a crime, we can save everybody a lot of long term problems if we help the kid, Small farms might be a solution for a lot of hurting actors on the world's stage, and remember, small farms need help too.  

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