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Sunday, October 29, 2017


     The Garden Party, that includes you, is launching Emergency Responce, for all small Farmers, From Canada to France to Buckina Faso Africa to Ludhiana Punjab India, to visit all small farmers that need help. Small farms are under attack by big Money Corporated Contaminated Foods. Pick any country doing global trade, small farms are being systematically wiped out. Methods of bankrupting farmers to ethnic cleansing are being used, Corperation take over of land and food production, the new landlords, where only profits matter. Corporate Foods share holders and their Slaves should take notice, big food producers, processors, and distributors are about to take a dive into oblivion as The Garden Party Emergency Responce grows from the ground up. Join the movement and get out there today to encourage and help the success of your local food sources, and expand them to be able to handle the food needs of your area. If there are no local producers left, find a space and start gardening, grow from there, grow right out of corporate foods.  And of course call out for the Garden Party Emergency Responce when needed, our grape vines are spreading.    

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