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Saturday, October 7, 2017


     Quietly Chinese Investments of Fort Mac Dirty Oil have left with some big losses. The writing is on the wall, Fort Mac has no chances of being profitable thanks to the hard work of The Garden Party Self Government of Canada Without Borders Minister For More Unemployment, Fort Mac will soon be a ghost town. The Garden Party warned Chinese Investors about buying up resources using Canada as a safe place to exchange money for real resources, The Garden Party does not recognize foreign ownership of land, also a resource, however it does recognize good stewardship. 
     Resources are too valuable to be compared to a silly thing like money, money has always been a liability for mankind and the Garden Party Minister of Finance stated he is broke, the whole world is in the hole, 1% who are not in the hole yet are in for a big surprise. There is no future with money, there is no money in the very near future, or there will be no future, sorry about your pension plans, a wheel barrow of money will not get you a potato, the Minister of High Finance has lost his job and is now growing potatoes thanks to the hard work of The Garden Party Minister For Unemployment of Stupid Jobs. 
      Warning one more time to foreign buyers, all the People squatting in Canada selling off resources are scamers. Selling hot goods, just because Canadians are polite does not mean they can be trusted. Put them nice guys in public office, or give them a badge, and you get what you got, enforced Stupidity. Invest in a diverse garden, something will make it, sorry again about wasting your lives doing stupid jobs to get your pensions, but them are the breaks, better to invest in the youth, and grow some potatoes.           

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