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Monday, October 30, 2017


    Minstrel of Portugal, Mayor of Stromville, and the Garden Party Minister of Disaster Prevention Where Possible, are the first delegates to the World Emergency Responce Summit in Spences Bridge. Hauling deadwood out the way that didn't bare good fruit was first on the agenda, preparing the ground for grape vines, then pulling up a few hundreds of tomato plants. 
     The Minstrel of Portugal understands the small Farmer needs help, but so does an ex-convict need help to reintegrate into society after long jail time. Canada like the USA have a terrible record of failure with their present methods of locking people up and forgetting about them, big mistake. We do know how to change the 'lock em up system' but once a system gets established, that system is hard to get rid of, even if does not get its expected results. Punishment rarely results in good results. Is it fair and just to blame a crime on just the one that did the crime? Can we blame the parents, how about the teachers in school and churchs, or advertisers, or the gardener that chased some kid out of a pea patch, or does our whole society deserve blame? Or maybe we can blame the dead a thousand generations ago for the misdeeds of today, most likely they were the cause, send out the arrest warrant, lock me up and forget em, but if some kid today commits a crime, we can save everybody a lot of long term problems if we help the kid, Small farms might be a solution for a lot of hurting actors on the world's stage, and remember, small farms need help too.  

Sunday, October 29, 2017


     The Garden Party, that includes you, is launching Emergency Responce, for all small Farmers, From Canada to France to Buckina Faso Africa to Ludhiana Punjab India, to visit all small farmers that need help. Small farms are under attack by big Money Corporated Contaminated Foods. Pick any country doing global trade, small farms are being systematically wiped out. Methods of bankrupting farmers to ethnic cleansing are being used, Corperation take over of land and food production, the new landlords, where only profits matter. Corporate Foods share holders and their Slaves should take notice, big food producers, processors, and distributors are about to take a dive into oblivion as The Garden Party Emergency Responce grows from the ground up. Join the movement and get out there today to encourage and help the success of your local food sources, and expand them to be able to handle the food needs of your area. If there are no local producers left, find a space and start gardening, grow from there, grow right out of corporate foods.  And of course call out for the Garden Party Emergency Responce when needed, our grape vines are spreading.    

Friday, October 27, 2017


     So, where does one get started to fulfill what will be, or could be, happening in the future. If you understand what needs to be accomplished for the future, there has never been a better time than now, perhaps yesterday, to announce what you are working on, to all, let everyone know the task at hand, and figure how to get the job done, some jobs can get done better and sooner with many 'ones'. 
     Taking Over, requires Willingness of many, also requires ability gained through experience, knowing what needs doing and how to do it. Premature Take Overs of Corrupt Government Heads, without taking over the governing, will only get replaced by the next seekers of high seats, for better or worse, usually worse and more repressive, Taking over takes a little time, but done right, it will stand the test of time.  
      No matter what happens in the future if there is a future, and humans are still alive, they will be eating. So what will food production and Agriculture look like in the future, will the food be there in a Walmart Store? Walmart could, for who know what reason. shut down tomorrow, that might be beneficial. but if all major food suppliers stopped operations, your take over would starve. 
      The People must be able feed themselves, and see that everyone else is also getting fed, locally and globally, start with yourself, connect with your food supply, and make sure that you have what it takes, food in all bellys, so you can eat your way through the transition from this to that. So, we will talk more about 'take over', when we can feed ourselves, and in that process, create a sustainable environment, and a Evolving Organic Government with full participation without power seats. 2018, now or never, work together. No, it may not be easy, but The Minister For More Unemployment is  digging up four year old Grape Vines to move to Spences Bridge. The Mayor of Stromville has been cutting roots all day, something must be going on underground.

Thursday, October 26, 2017


     Irving Oil got a 5 million dollar fine for breaking safety laws in transporting of dangerous chemicals, resulting in the death of 46 people and burning down much of a town in the province of Quebec. Billionaires, exploiting Canadian resources, exploiting democratic process, for decades, putting profits before safety, get fined half what they probably have paid their lawyers, and how much was given to their favourite politicians? Fines, lawyer fees, political donations, the cost of doing business, all tax write offs that would have gone into the public purse. And 46 people dead, and a burnt town, gets Irving Oil a fine of 5 million, that is a Tax Write Off, are you sick yet? How many Profit Driven 'Accidents' happen every day in Canada? Enough to make everybody sick, that is how many. Seems like the whole country is taking some kind of pain killers. Gardening is the best medicine for pain, side effects are tasty, and less chemical trains will be the result. 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


     Secret Police. How dangerous can that be? Having a police force whose activities are secret from the people who hire them, makes it pretty hard to stop any bad actions of that police force when their actions are secret and unknown. Certainly Secret Police are a tool used in most oppressive regimes to do away with any or all opposition that might be a threat to those in position of power. Secret Police have often ended up as head of state, Putin for example rose out of the KGB to become the most powerful person in Russia. The CIA has been involved to thousands of actions around the world that never would have gotten the approval American People. Nations have Branches of Secret Police so Secret even their Governments don't know they have them. Third Degree Burns is what can happen and does happen and is happening with the use of Secret Police today. The Garden Party wants everything out in the open sunlight and is issuing a hoe and shovel to all members of Canada's Secret Police, who,  are known for manufacturing terrorism. Just how much, that is a secret.
     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada, out in the open, and underground, invisible, and growing.    .         

Monday, October 23, 2017

In SaanichGardens

     Back to Victoria to clean up the garden, planning to salvage what is left, some perennials but mainly grape vines and everbearing strawberries. So if you want some plants or cuttings, or want to talk about the future of Agriculture in Canada, the Minister of Agriculture for the Garden Party Self Gov of Canada Without Borders will be on hand with a shovel. Ph contact number is 16049283663, Dig in, 2018 is Rural Renewal Year

Sunday, October 22, 2017


     Another War Monger gaining reins of power in Japan, same guy trying to sell Nuclear Plants to the Dictator of Turkey. No, either the people of Japan are complete idiots, or they have no grass roots to prevent Japan's money run Government  eroding every effort on bringing about a peaceful world, just like all the other Money Run Governments.  The Peaceful People, who want the human experiance to continue, somehow have to take control of the New Direction and implement the transition regardless of the size of the task and giant obstacles, we cannot put off this life changing task of fixing our mislead activities, our insane life styles, useless wasteful jobs, the numbers racket monetary systems, education a backward process, it's a nuthouse, and our job is to straighten it up to a least good enough a sane person could find something nice to say about the prison. People are dying to get out of here, come on, we can from our grassroots change the whole scene a lot faster and better if we do it ourselves,, we Self Government Gardeners are not waiting for some leader to get going, don't worry, they will catch up later, shovel in hand. See you in the garden.   


     Energy Efficiency, conscious consumption, freedom of movement, public control of food production and distribution. A unbelievable revamp of Agriculture in Canada, with the complete elimination of herbicides, pesticides and a lot of other toxic chemicals is on the Garden Party Agenda. Got to be done if there is to be a future two generations from now. 
      So? How about we really take a big kick at the can in 2018? Sit down and think about just where to place a good collective kick, we in the Garden Party figure getting control of your food supply is a good place to start. No ground to work?  Or just want to do more? Visit a family farm, see what you can do to help wrap up the year, and what needs to be done in getting ready for the Spring. One small step is better than none, it will lead to the next, get moving, you will feel better and need less pain killers, and even live longer and do more.        

Friday, October 20, 2017


     Equal Rights are now getting exercise, thus embracing the right to Equal Say in where the world is going today. Top Down Rule, in all it forms, denigns Equal Rights and Equal Say, and promotes Special Rights for Money's Say. As a rule, Money does all the talking, people do all the walking with really very little say until it is too late. Obviously this has to be reversed, and that is the idea The Minister For More Unemployment is Hard at Work figuring how to get this job done.
     Just in passing Oct 21 is World Do Nothing Day, Buy Nothing Day, Drive Nothing Day(including coal trains), A Holiday From Mass Insanity, don't miss this Epic Event and have One Day of Sanity, 


     The future, Powers That Be will be revised by a process that is sweeping the dust off old ideas that our Capital System tried without success to bury for the last 100 years. Community. Technology has changed, but Rule by Money has not. Until Now. The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Divisions, has embraced Rule by People beyond Money.
     Sharpen the Chain Saws, next year we may be using Buck Saws, leaving the whales behind and heading for Spences Bridge today.

Friday, October 13, 2017


     Shall Be Exposed. So all you good people with deep dark secrets that you always thought would never see the light of day, all that is hidden, will sooner than later be dragged on the internet for the world to see. It seems like confessions are in order so why not tell your story to a non judgemental gardener and get the weeds out so the healing process can take place, and we can all move forward into a future that has hope. Yes it will be tough for some, to overcome, to forgive, to move forward, but a gardener does not give up easily. The world is in transition, let your actions bare good fruit.   

Saturday, October 7, 2017


     Quietly Chinese Investments of Fort Mac Dirty Oil have left with some big losses. The writing is on the wall, Fort Mac has no chances of being profitable thanks to the hard work of The Garden Party Self Government of Canada Without Borders Minister For More Unemployment, Fort Mac will soon be a ghost town. The Garden Party warned Chinese Investors about buying up resources using Canada as a safe place to exchange money for real resources, The Garden Party does not recognize foreign ownership of land, also a resource, however it does recognize good stewardship. 
     Resources are too valuable to be compared to a silly thing like money, money has always been a liability for mankind and the Garden Party Minister of Finance stated he is broke, the whole world is in the hole, 1% who are not in the hole yet are in for a big surprise. There is no future with money, there is no money in the very near future, or there will be no future, sorry about your pension plans, a wheel barrow of money will not get you a potato, the Minister of High Finance has lost his job and is now growing potatoes thanks to the hard work of The Garden Party Minister For Unemployment of Stupid Jobs. 
      Warning one more time to foreign buyers, all the People squatting in Canada selling off resources are scamers. Selling hot goods, just because Canadians are polite does not mean they can be trusted. Put them nice guys in public office, or give them a badge, and you get what you got, enforced Stupidity. Invest in a diverse garden, something will make it, sorry again about wasting your lives doing stupid jobs to get your pensions, but them are the breaks, better to invest in the youth, and grow some potatoes.           


     There is a fault line under Site C Dam, as TheGardenParty leeked out a few weeks ago, it was discovered when digging down to prepare the base of the Dam, and if, or when there is movement along that fault line, no amount of steel and cement will ever make the Site C Dam 100% Safe. Ask any geologist, a farmer would not put an outhouse on a fault line unless it was making a bigger crack. The previous elected criminals, the Liberal Party of BC rammed Site C Dam Project on the people of BC during their last term in office. They made no public mention of the project before the election, but made announcements about their intentions shortly after, and put the rush on to get it going before the next election, to insure the mega project would not be cancelled if they lost the next election. Mega Projects are loved by politicians that want the better things in life, for themselves, and there are fortunes to be made for the contractors, and politicians for many years. Some fortunes are made before the first shovel of dirt is moved, and looking at the history of the people who made up the Liberal Party of BC, the fortunes made from the public purse in the past were added to during the last sitting of the Liberal Party. The Dam was a bad idea from day one, still is a bad idea and 600,000,000 million extra cost to fix what is now called an Geo Tec Problem, is a joke. They just get to spend another 600,000,000 dollars, and they really don't have a clue of what it will cost or if they can fix the problem, and there is no fixing. The Dam Will Never Be Safe if it is built, but what do contractors or politician care, Jobs Jobs Jobs, and fortunes to be made!!!! 
     Shut Down Stupidity !