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Tuesday, September 26, 2017


      The Mayor of Stromville BC suggests a bare knuckle boxing match to the finish. The Mayor is not pro boxing but he claims a couple of beat up mouth pieces is preferred to the devestation of even one nuclear bomb. The Garden Party takes any Mayor's Suggestions seriously and is organizing a boxing match between Donald Big Mouth and Rocket Man Kim to settle this dispute. The Self Government of Canada, Garden Party Minister Of Agriculture, who always carries a hoe, has offered to referee the fight, and has left Kitwanga for Spences Bridge after finding a place to start another garden, hopefully next Spring, if the boxing match is a success and there is a next Spring. 
     As a precaution, Gather your garden seeds and store in Nuclear Bomb Proof Plastic Containers, the kind you get wrapped around the toxic food sold in big grocery stores to protect the food from getting contaminated. Tickets for the America First- Kiss My Butt Boxing Match will be available as soon as these two Roosters confirm they are not just Chickens who refuse to meet face to face in a public place. Let the feathers fly. 

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