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Thursday, September 7, 2017


     You can control the legalized drugs much easier, you will never control drugs if they are illegal and there is money to be made. Big Drug Companies Pushed their Government Legalized Drugs onto the market that have created so many addicts, at great profits, now they are making profits on drugs for overdoses. Our Corporate Elected Goverments are responsible for deaths of thousands of Canadians dead already from overdoses, and if the present dictator of Canada refuses to take the action to end these overdoses immediately, he will be personally responsible for the thousands more to die, while the solution to stopping all of these deaths in weeks, not months years or decades, is known. Who is Truedeau, telling Canadians what they are going to get? Everyday he delays, perhaps Trudeau and his Partners in Crime should be charged with murder, what about all those people that keep voting in these criminals, they are accomplices, should we charge them as well? Well Trudeau, Liberal Party, do you want these deaths tagged to you? Because the Garden Party is tagging you now for future overdose deaths. This is a very serious matter. If you don't know how to end the overdoses, The Garden Party Minister of Agriculture will be in Kitwanga BC tomorrow, picking mushrooms. His good advice is free, be glad to help out.

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