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Thursday, September 7, 2017


      The Minister of Community Forests of BC sadly past away Wednesday before last, before completing his task of returning BC Forests back in the hands of good stewardship. Right now BC Forests are pretty much in the hands of a few people who like the feel of quick money. With modern mighty machines Forests can be cut and cleared out in a few days with a few operators what once took months and provided incomes that went into the local economy, not so today. Now profits and wages leave as quick as the resource and the local community, where the Forests are cut, get a few peanuts and a lot of stumps. Everybody is taxed to pay for the elected governments forest management and fire protection yet gets no value from the forest. That is not right, the forest management is directed by forest companies, for greater profits for themselves. The public pays the costs, money made goes to Corporate Bums. Our Minister For Community Forests was working on transforming Forestry Practices in BC, he did what he could, and now the Garden Party, Self Government of BC is looking for a replacement, full time unpaid job, you get to pay your own expenses as well as provide your own transportation. All applications will be accepted, as long as a tree still stands. Good bye Larry, you got something started, it is continuing and living on.  

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