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Friday, September 22, 2017


     The Garden Party has banned Pitbull Dogs World Wide. There is a reason why pitbull dogs are in animal shelters, people do not trust them for good reasons. Chewed up kids, 50% of all stitches and deaths by dogs attacks are caused by one breed of dog, a dog developed for dog fights, pit bulls. Anyone wanting such a dog needs a head examination. End of Story. 


  1. That is absolutely bull shit.Chihuahuas bite more people than pit bulls and rotwhilers put together. So you should be banning all idiots who can't properly train a dog. At no time is it the dogs fault. They are loyal to a fault this can be great. We own one and she can be a service dog. So to say we bann all pit bulls is a broad and miss leading statement.

    1. My daughter was taken down on a horse with a pitbull bull hanging on its nose, my buddies grandchild that grew up with a pitbull that chewed up her face when she was three years old, so bullshit back to you.