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Tuesday, September 26, 2017


     Tomatoes and grapes need to be picked, the Mayor of Stromville BC is taking a break from his civil duties and organizing the boxing match between two of the greatest gladiators of the know world, Kim The  Rocket Man and Don The Mouthest Man, to pick tomatoes tomorrow. Important things first, frosts may be here any day, the Minister of Agriculture is always trying to gives his work away,  never let a opportunity get away, if it doesn't work out, try again the next opportunity and pick those tomatoes right now, to exercise your brain, sooner or sometimes later you will see another opportunity, get an idea and jump on it, meanwhile do not forget about the grapes. Good night, see you in the tomatoe field tomorrow.  . 

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  1. PS if you cannot make it to Hilltop Gardens in Spences Bridge BC, check out your local Farmers to see if they next a freely given helping hand. It is important, your Local Farmer is important, thank you.