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Tuesday, September 26, 2017


     Tomatoes and grapes need to be picked, the Mayor of Stromville BC is taking a break from his civil duties and organizing the boxing match between two of the greatest gladiators of the know world, Kim The  Rocket Man and Don The Mouthest Man, to pick tomatoes tomorrow. Important things first, frosts may be here any day, the Minister of Agriculture is always trying to gives his work away,  never let a opportunity get away, if it doesn't work out, try again the next opportunity and pick those tomatoes right now, to exercise your brain, sooner or sometimes later you will see another opportunity, get an idea and jump on it, meanwhile do not forget about the grapes. Good night, see you in the tomatoe field tomorrow.  . 


      The Mayor of Stromville BC suggests a bare knuckle boxing match to the finish. The Mayor is not pro boxing but he claims a couple of beat up mouth pieces is preferred to the devestation of even one nuclear bomb. The Garden Party takes any Mayor's Suggestions seriously and is organizing a boxing match between Donald Big Mouth and Rocket Man Kim to settle this dispute. The Self Government of Canada, Garden Party Minister Of Agriculture, who always carries a hoe, has offered to referee the fight, and has left Kitwanga for Spences Bridge after finding a place to start another garden, hopefully next Spring, if the boxing match is a success and there is a next Spring. 
     As a precaution, Gather your garden seeds and store in Nuclear Bomb Proof Plastic Containers, the kind you get wrapped around the toxic food sold in big grocery stores to protect the food from getting contaminated. Tickets for the America First- Kiss My Butt Boxing Match will be available as soon as these two Roosters confirm they are not just Chickens who refuse to meet face to face in a public place. Let the feathers fly. 

Friday, September 22, 2017


     The Garden Party has banned Pitbull Dogs World Wide. There is a reason why pitbull dogs are in animal shelters, people do not trust them for good reasons. Chewed up kids, 50% of all stitches and deaths by dogs attacks are caused by one breed of dog, a dog developed for dog fights, pit bulls. Anyone wanting such a dog needs a head examination. End of Story. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


     Site C Dam can never be considered safe, as it is sitting directly over a large fault line that was discovered after excavation of surface material was removed. According to Garden Party Information from on site engineers, the base of the Dam, the material under the Dam is impossible to stabilize 100%, and attempts to do so, which would have to be done would cost billions more than the 8 billon projected cost, and it will never be 100% safe, and we do not need the energy. Shut down the Dam Dam.   

    Stopping the train.

Sunday, September 17, 2017


     Money and Ownership, the two major obstacles to be overcome, for those obstacles are no different than rule by the gods of the past.  New Royalty, the 1% or so called rich, that own the bank, the house, the farm, the factory, and the government, rule by having control of money, The 99%, the mass of people are played off competing with one another for numbers, or a few extra bites of hay, for the middle class serving the New Royalty of Money and Ownership. The Middle Class are keeping the obstacles in place and everybody in bondage with no escape. That is, no escape as long as money is believed to be a value,  and land treated as a commodity that can bought and sold.
     The Garden Party is beyond money and ownership, what more needs to be said?             

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Occupation KitwangaBC

   The Garden Party M4 Summit in Kitwanga BC got hot When the delegate from France said he liked the American President. The Mayor of Stomville BC, population 13, had a strong reaction followed by a series of adjectives from the two delegates who once occupied themselves at Duke University, South C, USA, the Americans made very clear statements to let it be know to everybody, including the Minister of Agriculture from Buckina Faso, West Africa, that as Americans they are very unhappy with Donald Trump, and they do not want him as their President. The Minister of Agricultural Mismanagment From France, had no more to say.
     When garbage comes out of some bodies mouth, Trump's or your buddy's, it should be crammed if necessary back where it comes from, every time! Enough is Enough! People who know better have to be helded accountable for their silence when their ears hear garbage talk, put a end to it yourself, and put a end to it from Trump, and your good buddy. There you go, it's the Law, you now can be charged with silence, if founded guilty punishment for repeat silence could be as harsh as exstinction. When you are right, you know it, take your choice, a few ruffled feathers, or extinction. Don't stop the Love, just the Garbage, which is a reminder, Sept 21st is World Buy Nothing Day, to give all the hard working garbage pushers a much needed holiday, which hopefully many holidays from non sence, will be long term, as we need more help on family farms for everyone's long term well being.     

    Ghost Lake waters 
    New Development in Stromville.

Thursday, September 7, 2017


     You can control the legalized drugs much easier, you will never control drugs if they are illegal and there is money to be made. Big Drug Companies Pushed their Government Legalized Drugs onto the market that have created so many addicts, at great profits, now they are making profits on drugs for overdoses. Our Corporate Elected Goverments are responsible for deaths of thousands of Canadians dead already from overdoses, and if the present dictator of Canada refuses to take the action to end these overdoses immediately, he will be personally responsible for the thousands more to die, while the solution to stopping all of these deaths in weeks, not months years or decades, is known. Who is Truedeau, telling Canadians what they are going to get? Everyday he delays, perhaps Trudeau and his Partners in Crime should be charged with murder, what about all those people that keep voting in these criminals, they are accomplices, should we charge them as well? Well Trudeau, Liberal Party, do you want these deaths tagged to you? Because the Garden Party is tagging you now for future overdose deaths. This is a very serious matter. If you don't know how to end the overdoses, The Garden Party Minister of Agriculture will be in Kitwanga BC tomorrow, picking mushrooms. His good advice is free, be glad to help out.


      The Minister of Community Forests of BC sadly past away Wednesday before last, before completing his task of returning BC Forests back in the hands of good stewardship. Right now BC Forests are pretty much in the hands of a few people who like the feel of quick money. With modern mighty machines Forests can be cut and cleared out in a few days with a few operators what once took months and provided incomes that went into the local economy, not so today. Now profits and wages leave as quick as the resource and the local community, where the Forests are cut, get a few peanuts and a lot of stumps. Everybody is taxed to pay for the elected governments forest management and fire protection yet gets no value from the forest. That is not right, the forest management is directed by forest companies, for greater profits for themselves. The public pays the costs, money made goes to Corporate Bums. Our Minister For Community Forests was working on transforming Forestry Practices in BC, he did what he could, and now the Garden Party, Self Government of BC is looking for a replacement, full time unpaid job, you get to pay your own expenses as well as provide your own transportation. All applications will be accepted, as long as a tree still stands. Good bye Larry, you got something started, it is continuing and living on.