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Saturday, August 12, 2017


     Garden Party in action, bring your canning, bring your kids, bring your art, the next three weekends at Hilltop Garden Farms Campsite, The Garden Party is staging its first Big Heart Festival, to help all the farmers in the Spences Bridge area. Due to the highway #1 being closed down and traffic being rerouted all businesses have taken a hard hit. Garden Farmers have taken a double hit, crops are also affected as smoke has blocked the sun for many days with smoke, ash and drought conditions, plants were not happy. We got rain today.
     This is the concept, Big Heart Festival is a Garden Party to help out Farmers. Means help for, not work for, the farmer, so come prepared to take care of your own needs. Your local farmers are your guaranteed food supply, but there are times farmers need help, Hilltop Garden Farm has had a tough year so far partly due to forest fires and road closures, so the Minister of Agriculture is having Three weekend Big Heart Festivals at Hilltop Farm Campsite and is inviting all who would like to participate to come now and stay for a couple of weeks. Bring your canners, leave your pit bulls, bring the grandkids for a education before they go to school. 6049283663 Garden Party Hot Line, so hot it may soon be cut off.   .    

Thursday, August 10, 2017


     Manitoba and BC, two provinces of Canada are still allowing, while watching the Gladiators, herbicides to be used along roads railway ditches, transmission lines, pipelines of every description, even around lakes and rivers. Add in the forestry growing monoculture money trees, Monsanto round up ready GMO soya beans and canola, weed free lawns and we now poison just about the whole country and all the people every year. Do we really think we will get away with this abuse of our life support system? Year after year? Sick environment, sick people, sick money. Have a nice day. See you at the farm.      

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


     The Farmers of Sudi Arabia would like send all Tanks back to Canada and exchange them for backhoes to dig holes for all the people killed protesting their government. Is Canada not contributing to terrorism when selling arms around the world, peaceful Canadians, that are willing to turn a blind eye, for jobs and profits. Supporting oppressive self Serving Rulers  with money to burn, and then claiming to be the good guys helping refugees. Hypocrisy, or Stupidity, at the very least it is immoral to keep pumping out weapons for money into the world market. So pretenders, shut down the sales of all arms and walk your talk. 


     Even a short visit is much appreciated by John, he is physically quite frail but his mind is sharp, he won't be long with us in body, good time to visit him at home.   


In Victoria today from Spences Bridge today at 5090west Saanich Rd, 604 928 3663.


     In Saanich at 5090 West Saanich Rd Tuesday with four hundred lbs of Hilltop Garden Farms Epic Field Tomatoes And Peaches from Spences Bridge BC. Call The Minister of Agriculture at 604 928 3663 for more information and come dig up garlic and shellots, get there before all the work is done and get peaches and tomatoes, that would make the Minister of Finance very happy.

Saturday, August 5, 2017


     Cover the province of Manitoba with the kind of farming done on Kurbis Country Farm on Hwy 317 , and sent Monsanto to the compost with their round up gmo seed.   Farmers incomes dropped so badly in Buckina Faso, West Africa that the farmers chased Monsanto right out of the country. Even Putin was smart enough to kick Monsanto out of Russia. However, the farmers in Canada are already trapped with their Big Farms, Big Machines, Big Bills, Big Monsanto GMO Herbicide Resistant Seeds, and of course the friendly banker who brings donuts. And in the end,  the farmer get the hole. The land will end up a depleted, toxic desert, thank you very much, but that is not what the Minister of Agriculture  has in mind for the future of the Canadian Prairies. The Minister is working on a proposal of what could be done on 10,000 acres of First Nation Lands near Portage Manitoba, planted this year in GMO soya beans. Monsanto you are going to the Compost, not just in Africa and Russia, but in Stead Manitoba, and the rest of Canada. The Minister of Agriculture of The Garden Party claims that the Kurbis Country Farm grows the best food in Manitoba and Grandma agrees, So SENT MONSANTO TO THE COMPOST!   


    Digging potatoes with five grandkids five to eleven years old and nothing but smiles. The Garden Party Minister of Agriculture will have more to say about this organic farm later, which is on highway 317, 1/4 mile east of hwy#12. Manitoba could use 10,000 of these small organic family farms. Go out of your way to support this farm and if you are as fortunate as the Minister Of Agriculture you might meet the Grand Mother with all the kids digging up potatoes.