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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


     the Minister of Agriculture and Excommunication of Canadian Gold Mining Companies from his county, Buckina Faso, is looking at Hilltop Garden Farms Spences, for ideas that can be useful in Africa. To help out the local farmers, the Minister has started a new government educations  program for grandparents of Thirdteen year old grandchildren. 
    Take the kids and camp out at a Fruit and Vegitable Farm, that has a road side market, give the Farmer money to pay the kids to work in jobs they can do that need to be done, what an experience for city born and raised kids,  paid for work done, and the farmer, for time spent will end up with jobs done. Everyone Benefits, the youth, the Farmer and the Grandparent. Instead of Giving Money to Grandchildren, give them the gift of portable wealth, that can be spent for a lifetime. That would be a worthy investment, and that action is in progress right now at The Epic G2 Summit from the Campgrounds at Hilltop Farms Spences Bridge. Bring em on Grand Pa and Grand Ma, and you can get exercise too. 
     To be continued.....    .   

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