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Saturday, July 8, 2017

RCMPScrewupSpences Bridge

    RCMP blocks local mother, taking diapers to a centre in Spences Bridge where families forced to flee forest fires are stuck. The police have a road block up between the farm and town, they are harassing local people who want to visit or cross their road block. The lady with the diapers, got through the road block after phone calls and police hassles, delivered the much needed diapers, inquired on the other needs and returned driving back to the farm and her own child. The young  cop stopped the diaper lady, and said she cannot go back, they let her go one way, so she can't go back, not only was this caregiver given a hard time, with no respect, forced to provide proof of baby one kilometre on the other side of the roadblock , she was told, ordered, under threats of arrest if she tried to cross again, even to give help to people who might need help. 
     Same Roadblock, campground owner offers free camping at empty campground for stranded drivers. One k past road block, police refuse to let people pass. Forced to sleep on the road, when a free campsite with water and toilets are around the next curve. To Serve and Protect, who?    

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