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Saturday, July 29, 2017


     One First Nations of Manitoba has members thinking that they should Farm the land under their control, instead of renting to corporate farmers who grow only gmo soya beans on 10,000 acres and give the band what amounts to 30 dollars a acre for rent. Two tomatoes plants on one acre could make the same amount of money that is received from rent of that acre. If you planted 20,000 Tomato Plants on 10,000 acres, or 2 acres, the same amount as planted at Hilltop Garden Farms in Spences Bridge BC,  hypothetically, two Tomato Plants per acre would earn the same return as renting out the 10,000 acres. Even in a business sense, it makes no sense . 
     The Ministry of Agriculture Of Canada Without Borders, has been invited to a powwow next weekend ,  to meet the Chief for discussion on what is the best action to take with the 10,000 acres. This is a Epic Opportunity for hands on experts, which could change agricultural practises across Canada. Interested? Contact Garden Party Minister of Agriculture now in Winnipeg Manitoba, 604 928 3663. On other matters, the Minister will be looking at 420 acres on Monday, also rented out, and as yet to be arranged, meeting with a farmer who cultivates four or five thousand acres in South Eastern Manitoba. What else can a farmer do on holidays, but visit other farms.
     Sask needs help too.

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