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Monday, July 31, 2017

EpicPlaceFor ManitobaGardens

     This farm has been around for some time, the machine was made in the twentys. 

     In just a hundred and fifty years, of the machine, the entire landscape, has been altered, is still being altered, such that we add to past disasters making even greater challenges for the next generation to feed themselves.
      No way will the future be better when every square foot of dirt across Canadian Praires is treated with round up herbicides every year. Now farmers use stronger herbicides on wild gmo canola, that is resistant to round up, and it appears that many weeds are becoming resistant, layering of herbicides is already common practice of Farms in Manitoba and Sask. there is no future for farming, if the land and water is toxic, the whole population will end up sick, and food unfit to eat, a couple of hot dry years with little winter snow and Canada will have a big desert.     

     This place looks good right now, which way you going to go Canada?

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