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Saturday, July 8, 2017


    The G2 Epic Summit Meeting taking place in Spences Bridge BC, Canada is without protesters (highways are closed in every direction), (due to fires all around), could be that The Garden Party is generating a lot of heat with an announcement of The New Garden Party Minister of Agriculture for Buckina Faso West Africa, who is at present spending his days in Spences Bridge trees, cherry trees that is, developing a strategy of agriculture for Africa that serves the people,  protects diversity, and sends Canadian Mining Companies to the compost heap.
    The Garden Party Minister of Hoeing for BC claims that strategies are being realized. Meetings are  ongoing. We expect the mayors of 14 BC municipalities next week.
     The Garden Party is Coming to Africa. Canadian Gold Mining Companies are soon on their way out of Buckina Faso. What do we need more gold for anyway, decoration? Who loses. African Villigers, in every way. Destroy and pollute, leave a toxic mess behind when gold is gone, and for what? Insane to allow this stupidity to continue. 
     Strategy Realized, now have a couple of available acres in Buckina Faso, we can all start where we have elbow room to swing a hoe, and change the Garden. And a mindset. Africa Feeds Africa in Five Years. Dig In.

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