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Saturday, June 3, 2017


     The First Canadian Weeding Olympics is to be held in Spences Bridge BC starting on The First Monday of June at Hilltop Gardens, Spences Bridge, BC.  and will last as long as the weeds. The Garden Party Minister of Tourism is hoping tourists will participate. Venues have been maticulosly prepared, accommodations are ready for a hundred  gladiators (campsite with bathrooms and showers). Plus a outhouse also used by The Garden Party as BC Government  Head Office for all necessary paperwork, the outhouse was the ballot box for Canada's First Self Government Elections, which were a total success this year, no opposition, the Entire Country is covered, Self Government Without Borders. If someone wants to register for the Olympics, or to vote,@ this would also be the place for registration, bring your own paper.
     The Weeding Out Olympics Committee, has decided to replace gold silver bronze metals, to tomato pepper cucumber awards to all who are Weeding Out Olympic Gladiators. Everybody wins, drug tests will be dropped, no bones will need mending. Spectators will not be left out of the action, lots of room in the campground. Lots to do on the farm, just a little catch up.

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