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Tuesday, June 27, 2017


    The perfect job for the Garden Party Minister of Agriculture is the experience of the labour of  Mexican Workers who come north to grow food in Canada, food that mostly is already controlled by Corporate Giant Farm Gobblers. The worse practice of agriculture in Canada and elsewhere, is to put farmland in the hands of Corporate Accountants Clean Fingers.  Land use, and land abuse, to grow Money,  is criminal, claims the Minister. 
     Now, it has been said; Nothing is Perfect, in other words Nothing is Perfection. It has also said Weeding is a Nothing Job, well, there are a lot of other nothing jobs going on at Hilltop Garden Farms near Spences Bridge BC, producing tons of food, but Weeding is the Minister's main nothing occupation. Weeding Perfection all day long, constant state of bliss, doing nothing all day long, or short when it gets hot. So as not to miss out on that state of bliss the Agriculture Minister now gets up early and is usually in a patch of weeds at 5 AM, and gets forced out of bliss by 11am by the Sun. But that is six hours of uncontaminated bliss, and the Minister would like to share this bliss with as many old ladies as possible, ladies who grew up on farms and know what a good time they once had in the weed patch. Six hours of bliss everyday, free, this a opportunity too good to be true, in just one day of pure Weeding, enlightenment can be achieved, join the Minister in the weed patch. Hot Peppers tomorrow, tomatoes are done.  

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