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Friday, June 2, 2017


     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders Minister For More Unemployment is taking credit for another Giant Department Store of mostly junk, Sears, crumbling to dust. As a celebration for freeing thousands of wage slaves from useless work, we are having a Garden Party, pulling weeds this weekend, for all the Sears Employees about to lose their jobs, at Hilltop Farm Gardens in Spences Bridge. It is not a law, as the Self Government of Canada Without Borders has no Police, Courts, or Lawyers to lock up 98% of the working population for supporting organized crime, but we do suggest that everyone take a week off, visit your local food producer and offer your skills or pull weeds or do some sensible work for a change. 
     Due to success of The World Buy Nothing Days on 21st of Every Month, Slowing down the Money Economic Growth on a Gobal Scale, we are making the Awesome Event a Two Day Affaire to slow down the waste even more, and Declaring The 21st and 22nd of June a World Holiday for all wage slaves working for Governments and all other organized crime. See you in the Garden weed patch, where we decide what to keep and what to compost.                    

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