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Tuesday, June 27, 2017


    The perfect job for the Garden Party Minister of Agriculture is the experience of the labour of  Mexican Workers who come north to grow food in Canada, food that mostly is already controlled by Corporate Giant Farm Gobblers. The worse practice of agriculture in Canada and elsewhere, is to put farmland in the hands of Corporate Accountants Clean Fingers.  Land use, and land abuse, to grow Money,  is criminal, claims the Minister. 
     Now, it has been said; Nothing is Perfect, in other words Nothing is Perfection. It has also said Weeding is a Nothing Job, well, there are a lot of other nothing jobs going on at Hilltop Garden Farms near Spences Bridge BC, producing tons of food, but Weeding is the Minister's main nothing occupation. Weeding Perfection all day long, constant state of bliss, doing nothing all day long, or short when it gets hot. So as not to miss out on that state of bliss the Agriculture Minister now gets up early and is usually in a patch of weeds at 5 AM, and gets forced out of bliss by 11am by the Sun. But that is six hours of uncontaminated bliss, and the Minister would like to share this bliss with as many old ladies as possible, ladies who grew up on farms and know what a good time they once had in the weed patch. Six hours of bliss everyday, free, this a opportunity too good to be true, in just one day of pure Weeding, enlightenment can be achieved, join the Minister in the weed patch. Hot Peppers tomorrow, tomatoes are done.  

Monday, June 19, 2017


     Weeding Olympics are over in Spences Bridge BC Canada. First Person to stand up and be accountable is the winner. The completion was so close everybody finished at the same millisecond and got to eat some early cherries. What could be better?  Than BC Cherries. Support your local food producers, processors, and distributors. Corporate Foods, care about profits, they are growing as the main crop; profits. They are a very unreliable food supply, not to mention the waste produced and energy consumed supplying food for people that has less nutrients than the packaging, nor will we mention the land destruction by monoculture anti biodiversity mighty machine agriculture  run by robots , Corporate Foods can't be trusted to do the right thing. Can you trust them? Get you fruit in season from you Local Farmer, Can you be trusted?
    BC FEEDS BC IN FIVE YEARS, or sooner.   

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


     Good news is good news, don't miss a opportunity to broadcast good news, and the Garden Party Minister of Propaganda has Good News. Help is on the way without delay and should be in Spences Bridge Friday Afternoon. First University to offer a Degree in Weed Pulling, starts Sat Morning, and we will take it from there. 

Sunday, June 11, 2017


     Will be at Garden in Saanich this afternoon, and will be returning to Spences Bridge in a few days, good time to get plants, or get some delivered. Contact by phone The Garden Party, top tomato Olympic Weeding  winner, the Self Government Minister For More Unemployment at  604 9283663. Still lots of catch up work to do at Spences Bridge.    

Saturday, June 3, 2017


     The First Canadian Weeding Olympics is to be held in Spences Bridge BC starting on The First Monday of June at Hilltop Gardens, Spences Bridge, BC.  and will last as long as the weeds. The Garden Party Minister of Tourism is hoping tourists will participate. Venues have been maticulosly prepared, accommodations are ready for a hundred  gladiators (campsite with bathrooms and showers). Plus a outhouse also used by The Garden Party as BC Government  Head Office for all necessary paperwork, the outhouse was the ballot box for Canada's First Self Government Elections, which were a total success this year, no opposition, the Entire Country is covered, Self Government Without Borders. If someone wants to register for the Olympics, or to vote,@ this would also be the place for registration, bring your own paper.
     The Weeding Out Olympics Committee, has decided to replace gold silver bronze metals, to tomato pepper cucumber awards to all who are Weeding Out Olympic Gladiators. Everybody wins, drug tests will be dropped, no bones will need mending. Spectators will not be left out of the action, lots of room in the campground. Lots to do on the farm, just a little catch up.

Friday, June 2, 2017


     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders Minister For More Unemployment is taking credit for another Giant Department Store of mostly junk, Sears, crumbling to dust. As a celebration for freeing thousands of wage slaves from useless work, we are having a Garden Party, pulling weeds this weekend, for all the Sears Employees about to lose their jobs, at Hilltop Farm Gardens in Spences Bridge. It is not a law, as the Self Government of Canada Without Borders has no Police, Courts, or Lawyers to lock up 98% of the working population for supporting organized crime, but we do suggest that everyone take a week off, visit your local food producer and offer your skills or pull weeds or do some sensible work for a change. 
     Due to success of The World Buy Nothing Days on 21st of Every Month, Slowing down the Money Economic Growth on a Gobal Scale, we are making the Awesome Event a Two Day Affaire to slow down the waste even more, and Declaring The 21st and 22nd of June a World Holiday for all wage slaves working for Governments and all other organized crime. See you in the Garden weed patch, where we decide what to keep and what to compost.