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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Unemployment Is Over

     The Minister For More Unemployment of the Garden Party can find you a job as fast as you ask for one. Do not be alarmed, the Minister knows all the jobs you will not be asked to do. Cutting forests down for advertisements, working on pipelines, building Site C Dam, spraying herbicides, manufacturing military equpment for overseas markets, selling Lottery Tickets, counting ballots,  are just a few of the jobs that we would all be better off if they were not done.
     Stop paying rent, hit the road, if you want to work and make a positive social contribution, the Minister For More Unemployment of The Garden Party  has a job for you, come prepared to work in Spences Bridge, BC. Hilltop Farm is having its Epic Plant In, from May 18th to May 21st, now officially Help a Farmer Long Weekend Across Canada.      

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  1. Are you in need of a web page designer? Looks like you may need some help in that area. Where can I get more information regarding this project? I live in poverty because I refused to be a slave to an immoral government. This sounds like a voluntarism idea I could get behind! email me