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Monday, May 29, 2017


    One good soaking when seeded, and no watering to make the pea seed send down deep roots, and sort of starve the plants of moisture to force quick flowers that will produce seed. Now they will get plenty of water to produce big juicy peas. Growing gardens is constant experiments. Never a dull moment, well some times weeding long rows , lots of long rows, can be a little dull doing it alone, but say ten people did it together and every row was ten rows, that would almost be exciting. This could get real exciting, better than a car race for sure. Bring your Hot Rod to Hilltop RV Camp Site, and The Garden Party Minister of Employment for Enjoyment will gladly demonstrate the art of weed pulling. Bodies work better and longer if you use them, here is a great place to get in shape, at your own speed, besides, JUNE IS WORLD WEED PULLING Away  MONTH.   

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