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Sunday, May 28, 2017


     Think about it. Think about what you can do about it. You want to see the world getting better, you want a healthy environment, you also want to feel good about yourself or at least at peace with yourself. Gardening at leisure is always a pleasure, farming has little leisure and much pressure. But a Farm feeds lots of people, produces tons and tons of food. Every good Farmer knows you do what you have to do to stay farming. The Farmer has to stay on top of things, but when you have thousands of producing plants and hundreds of fruit trees, there is never  time to go fishing, or have a summer vacation , come on people , think about it. Every good community Farmer deserves all the help needed to at least go for one summer holiday and see the country, maybe next summer?
     Hill top fruit stand, Spences Bridge, still has lhousands of plants to be put in the ground to feed thousands of people, join me in the campground, Besides its WORLD HELP YOUR LOCAL FARMER MONTH.       

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