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Sunday, May 7, 2017

May18 EpicEvent

    Family Farm In Spences Bridge is having a Plant In, for weekend May 18 to 21st. Look up: Annul Epic Hilltop Farm Plant In, read the notes, Jim, Jay, and Louis plan to be there for this Epic Event. An idea that is growing, start your own, start the Epic Event across the land, gather or go alone, farmers need help at peak times, planting seedlings is one such time. Getting out of buildings and off cement sidewalks for a few days under open skies on your knees with your fingers plugged in soil, well grounded, has to be good for soul. Come to this one, start another. There are three more being discussed already, good ideas grow organically and should spread like wildfire. Be a part of this Epic Plant In, see you there.
     Started a  new Plant In today in Port Alberni, Grapevines  Plum and berries, this too will be an Epic Move as it is developed .       

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