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Sunday, May 21, 2017


     Really, helping farmers survive against life and land destroying, market manipulating, Corporate Farms, in their attempt to take over of the worlds food supply, is very important, according to the Garden Party Self Government newly Elected Minister of Agriculture. 
      Farmers do not control market prices, Corporate Food Giants do, and can bankrupt farmers anywhere under so called "Free Trade Agreements". The Giants are involved in the design of free trade agreements for making money, not for land care or concern about feeding people wholesome food, and they are certainly not concerned about small farmers or communities. . Corporations sadly care of one thing only. Growing Profits, making money. Land can be destroyed and people starved, money cares naught. That is enough reason without saying more, but we will if necessary. 
    Make May Canada's Month to help local farmers. Most Farmers do care about their land, they are an essential part of the community, with help when they need it, they can help when you need it. Support your local farmer.   
      There are farms properties that have been flooded this year across the country, get your group together and built community, now is the time people, to put your foot down, on a shovel and dig in.          

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