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Monday, May 29, 2017


    One good soaking when seeded, and no watering to make the pea seed send down deep roots, and sort of starve the plants of moisture to force quick flowers that will produce seed. Now they will get plenty of water to produce big juicy peas. Growing gardens is constant experiments. Never a dull moment, well some times weeding long rows , lots of long rows, can be a little dull doing it alone, but say ten people did it together and every row was ten rows, that would almost be exciting. This could get real exciting, better than a car race for sure. Bring your Hot Rod to Hilltop RV Camp Site, and The Garden Party Minister of Employment for Enjoyment will gladly demonstrate the art of weed pulling. Bodies work better and longer if you use them, here is a great place to get in shape, at your own speed, besides, JUNE IS WORLD WEED PULLING Away  MONTH.   

Sunday, May 28, 2017


     Think about it. Think about what you can do about it. You want to see the world getting better, you want a healthy environment, you also want to feel good about yourself or at least at peace with yourself. Gardening at leisure is always a pleasure, farming has little leisure and much pressure. But a Farm feeds lots of people, produces tons and tons of food. Every good Farmer knows you do what you have to do to stay farming. The Farmer has to stay on top of things, but when you have thousands of producing plants and hundreds of fruit trees, there is never  time to go fishing, or have a summer vacation , come on people , think about it. Every good community Farmer deserves all the help needed to at least go for one summer holiday and see the country, maybe next summer?
     Hill top fruit stand, Spences Bridge, still has lhousands of plants to be put in the ground to feed thousands of people, join me in the campground, Besides its WORLD HELP YOUR LOCAL FARMER MONTH.       

Saturday, May 27, 2017


      The Little Red Dump Truck hauled a full load of grape vines in pots from Vancouver Island to Spences Bridge, the Fastest Grape Growing Capital of Canada.  Apparently there is help enough to Plant the vines, but transplanting is not yet finished at Hilltop Farms, this is the place to dirty your hands and clean your spirit at the moment. Join me in the campground , we can work from here. 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


     On the ferry, will be at Saanich Garden all day tomorrow loading plants, to go to new location, This is Canada's Help a Farmer Month, and the Garden Party puts its Grapes where it's mouth is. Another Epic Plant In This Weekend near Spences Bridge, 200 Grape Vines plus a few other goodies.  Mike and Jewel at Hilltop Gardens also are still planting if you are available to help it would be appreciated. 

Sunday, May 21, 2017


     Really, helping farmers survive against life and land destroying, market manipulating, Corporate Farms, in their attempt to take over of the worlds food supply, is very important, according to the Garden Party Self Government newly Elected Minister of Agriculture. 
      Farmers do not control market prices, Corporate Food Giants do, and can bankrupt farmers anywhere under so called "Free Trade Agreements". The Giants are involved in the design of free trade agreements for making money, not for land care or concern about feeding people wholesome food, and they are certainly not concerned about small farmers or communities. . Corporations sadly care of one thing only. Growing Profits, making money. Land can be destroyed and people starved, money cares naught. That is enough reason without saying more, but we will if necessary. 
    Make May Canada's Month to help local farmers. Most Farmers do care about their land, they are an essential part of the community, with help when they need it, they can help when you need it. Support your local farmer.   
      There are farms properties that have been flooded this year across the country, get your group together and built community, now is the time people, to put your foot down, on a shovel and dig in.          

Friday, May 19, 2017


     Babies to Old Farts are filling up the camp site for The Epic Hilltop Garden Plant In, people are here to do a good turn and have a good time doing a big job of transplanting in Spences Bridge and making every vote count. More people are showing up than expected, the camp is overflowing.   Another farm next week? Good ideas should spread like wildfire. 

Saturday, May 13, 2017


     To see a happy baby is so enjoyable that is is impossible to take your eyes and your mind elsewhere. Automatic Uplift. The Garden Party, Self Government of BC if elected promises happy babies. We are looking for more Candidates to come to The Hilltop Epic Plant In, Self Government In Action. Without an election, Every Vote Counts. See you on the 18th. Spences Bridge, BC.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Unemployment Is Over

     The Minister For More Unemployment of the Garden Party can find you a job as fast as you ask for one. Do not be alarmed, the Minister knows all the jobs you will not be asked to do. Cutting forests down for advertisements, working on pipelines, building Site C Dam, spraying herbicides, manufacturing military equpment for overseas markets, selling Lottery Tickets, counting ballots,  are just a few of the jobs that we would all be better off if they were not done.
     Stop paying rent, hit the road, if you want to work and make a positive social contribution, the Minister For More Unemployment of The Garden Party  has a job for you, come prepared to work in Spences Bridge, BC. Hilltop Farm is having its Epic Plant In, from May 18th to May 21st, now officially Help a Farmer Long Weekend Across Canada.      

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


     45% Registered Non Voters plus at least 15% Unregistered Eligible Voters who have never voted give the Garden Party Self Government of BC a overwhelming 60% majority win in the BC Fraud Elections. Our figures are correct within three percent at least once out of nineteen times, close enough.
     Now prepare for the Real Election of BC, May 21st, For Self Government of BC, all the losers who ran in the Fraud BC Election now have the opportunity to be a winner where one vote counts and you have direct full Participatory Self Government. Cooperation and Reason is the way forward, grow a garden, and vote early and often. 
     Another load of plants for another interior BC Garden on the way today.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

May18 EpicEvent

    Family Farm In Spences Bridge is having a Plant In, for weekend May 18 to 21st. Look up: Annul Epic Hilltop Farm Plant In, read the notes, Jim, Jay, and Louis plan to be there for this Epic Event. An idea that is growing, start your own, start the Epic Event across the land, gather or go alone, farmers need help at peak times, planting seedlings is one such time. Getting out of buildings and off cement sidewalks for a few days under open skies on your knees with your fingers plugged in soil, well grounded, has to be good for soul. Come to this one, start another. There are three more being discussed already, good ideas grow organically and should spread like wildfire. Be a part of this Epic Plant In, see you there.
     Started a  new Plant In today in Port Alberni, Grapevines  Plum and berries, this too will be an Epic Move as it is developed .       

Saturday, May 6, 2017


     The young are aware of the future disaster being made for them by growth economy capitalist systems. New gardens are getting started, another load of grape vines, figs, berry bushes are headed to a new location in Victoria today. Adapt, corporate capitalism is about to be composted.   

Friday, May 5, 2017


    The Garden Party Self Government of BC forecasts 4.5 % Daily Compounded Growth for the next two months in all Planted Gardens. Economic (Money) Growth is continuing to shrink by 2.5 % a month due to Garden Party Members refusing to spent money they do not have for junk they do not need. Adapt to the new reality, consumption of resources will come to an end soon one way or another, because there will be nothing left to consume in 75 years at our present rate of rip and destroy to make money. Start a garden today, reduce buying and consumption by 15% this year, yes you can walk, and be healthier too. Free health care plan.
     In Saanich today and Sat, moving plants to Port Alberni Sunday, lots of grape vines still available. 


     Couldn't happen at a better place, the little red truck is in good hands in Boston Bar. Replacement motor next week, and it will be back to work.
    Boston Bar Highway One, Kevin.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


     Money it seems is able to corrupt just about everything. First we start with polictical donations to the parties most likely to get elected, and have big Tax Writeoff dinners paid for out of the Public Purse with Party Leaders and stuff the cash in Politicians Pockets. Cash that belongs in the Public Purse. Clean steal. Make the public pay all the costs, give all the profits to the private, that is what we call Public Private Share Agreements that Governments make with the private sector. The public gets the costs, the private (corporations) get the profits and assets. Politicians get a share, the BC Liberal Party is proof of that, but it is no different in New Brunswick or Quebec or Spences Bridge or Wells, BC dealing away community forests to private pockets. Corruption is in nearly every community to the highest offices of government. Such is the state of Canada, such is the state of most of the world, the more money the greater the corruption. But the story is not over, The Little Red Dump Truck is still on the side of HW1, and Jim is Here, so we are having a Garden Party Convention on the spot, Self Government Elections are May 21st, voting officially starts in Spences Bridge May 18, A three day Plant In, every seedling is a vote that counts for some value.