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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Why are all elections frauds?

      Money, the people that have lots of money, can make and break any elected government. It has been done many times before, even in Canada, every time a People's movement politically gain control of government big business does what it can to derail the government , Unemployment, inflation, Higher prices for gasoline, many tactics are used, socialist governments are overthrown or bankrupted. As long as big money can make profits they do not care who is government or how corrupt they are.
    We have not yet seen any big money trying to derail the Garden Party at Self Government Conventions taking place all over the province getting geared up for BC's First Self Government elections May 21st. No tax write offs out of the public purse in this election, nor costs for the voting process where you give away say. Every voter is a candidate in the Garden Party Self Government Elections May 21st. Want to vote? Pick up a shovel and vote.

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