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Sunday, April 2, 2017

The World Is Corrupt.

    Corruption is prevalent in Canada, it is like a fabric covering, corruption exists in everything, but most people cannot see through the fabric, and continue to work for the corrupt institutions. The Legal Industry is Corrupt, they are hired to cover for all the other corrupt institutions. It might be good to take a close look at each one, and here are just a few.  The Entire Banking Indusrty. The Medical, Drug, Cosmetic, Fashion, Advertising Industries, the Mining, Forestry, Fisheries, Dam Building, Oil and Gas Industries, Bombardier, union and Military Industries, and every Political Party in Canada is pilfering public tax moneys to pay for their fraud election expenses. Everything is corrupt in Canada from Food Banks being used as tax write offs for outdated foods and rotten produce, to the service industries. Honest Self Rightous Canada. Yes even the Green Party Candidates file personal expenses as election expenses. The Garden Party pays all its own election costs and is the only Party that does not issue Tax Write Off Reciepts. On May 21st, Vote For Self Government, and have Garden Party. Dig in Spring is here.

   Garden Party Candidate, JC.

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