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Thursday, April 20, 2017

That game is rigged.

     Big Money, Corperartions, control so much now  that  they can manipulate market values from raw resources to shelf prices. Transportation and energy food drugs sports advertising and communications are all played with by big Money to keep making more money. You are in the game or you are not. 99% are not.
     What is the point of having Elections at a cost of millions of dollars, yes all those signs that say Vote For Me, are paid for by money taken directly out of the public purse, and after elections signs are in the dump, Big Money is still Government. The Old New World Order holds and controls all Governments by debt. Lots of money for elections and wars of destrution, no money for rotten teeth or social housing construction. Legal or not, the construct of control by Money is Criminal Behavior by Results. The Garden Party Self Government is not saying Lock Big Money Up, but we can stop working for them. Simple or complicated it must be done, tooth aches hurt. 
     Gardening with nature.

    New Garden.

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