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Sunday, April 2, 2017

On the Campaign Trail.

    High Profile Candidates coming out of the bush to join in the Garden Party's Self Government BC Elections of May 21st.
    The Minister For More Unemployment has had a lot of action at our nursery in Saanich on the day of arrival. Two Tours, two very nice young people, who were invited help themselves, and a friend who is starting another garden in Victoria who took transplants and pots. Another young man was here today planting a few things he wanted in the garden, and we started about 150 grape cuttings, seven or eight varieties from Spences Bridge went into pots.
    There were also a couple group discussions on the state of our crazy world and how to bring about the changes necessary for sanity to prevail.. The discovery of How, leads to Do.
    Progess is being made, the Minister of  Pelton Power will visit Spences site, for whatever he needs to know, and lay out a plan, etc. We have no need of Site C Dam in BC. It is nothing more than a big cash cow for BC Liberals and Friends, milked out of the public purse, legal criminals, but criminals just the same.
     Spring is here, decrease your footprint, cut energy consumption 15% this year, grow a garden, start peas early.


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