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Friday, April 14, 2017

Occupation Port Alberni.

     The Garden Party is campaigning in Port Alberni BC, Pruning apple and pear trees. Our audience may not be large, but it will be well grounded, starting another garden nursurery and a few ideas for something a little more. 
     More Garden Party Candidates entering the First BC Self Government Non Elections set for May 21st. All the losers of the Fraud BC Election of May 9th, will still have time to run in the Real Elections where nobody loses, It is more exciting than a  horse race. 
     Opportunities are everywhere you look, when you get past the wall of thinking inside the box. Flowers burst out of the ground,  ideas come to mind, and a way, a how to, is seen in mind or third eye you might say.  Turn one shovel of dirt, make one apple pie, take one stroke of the paint brush, pray with every word you say, join in with the Garden Party and we are on our way, outside the box.

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