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Sunday, April 30, 2017


     As we enter in the first scene, the little red dump truck, is broken down on HW1 near  Boston Bar. The day started with a truck load of mostly plastics gathered in the area to keep as much as possible away from our ocean bound rivers. Now they will go to a land fill, from a transfer station, we are turning paridiise into a garbage dump. And the little red truck is here stuck on the side of the road and is suppose to move 1000, potted plants next week in Victoria. Next Episode on Little Red Dump Truck soon.


     Between Lynton and Boston Bar. Jim B, give me a call. 

Thursday, April 27, 2017


     What is a political tax write off? Money that was taxed on earned money that was supposed to go into the public purse, but instead goes into political parties purse. How convenient is that. Not to mention that The honesty of keeping track of numbers shifting in and out of pockets is near impossible. And to add thievery to theft, after some Elections in Canada, political parties get reembursted for election expenses. Now Canadians like to point at corruption in so called Third World Nations, where corruption is out in the open, but the results are the same, just legal in Canada, we are way ahead of them in corruption. Just look at the experts of the Liberal Party of BC. Raised energy bills to pay for Site C Dam, to give all the electric energy to Liquified Natural Gas for nothing. How many tax write off receipts did the Liberal Party Purse get from LNG and the Mining Industry in the past ten years?. And how much infrastructure does the public purse pay for setting up these enterprises for a few Liberal Friends to steal public resources? Plenty. Tax write offs are money out of your pocket. Fortunes are made from election.


     Corporate Media continues to censer the Communist Candidates in BC. This morning an all Candidates forem was held on a Kamloops radio station where it was obvious that the Communist Candidate made the best and strongest statements, yet gets no further mention on the news. Normal for Corporate Canned Media.
     The Garden Party invites all Candidates cencered by the Corporate Media to participate in Self Government Elections May 21st.  

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


     BC will have the real elections on May 21st, the pretend  taxwriteoff elections are on May 9th. Due to Garden Party low down budgets we have only one polling station this election, but you can vote early and more than once, however you must bring your own ballet, any tax write off reciept would do, campaign propaganda could not find a better use even if it was a tax write off. It is estimated by The Garden Party Minisrer of Proaganda that voting will be heavier on May, 21st, than the public paid Scam Elections of May 9th. No recounts are expected, no doubt the voters will all be relieved.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


   The idea of having elections was to give every person deemed eligible a voice or at least representation in government. So who chooses the candidates to vote for? Members of parties. Small numbers of movers and shakers of inner circles pick their prop that suits their agenda. The candidates voters get to choose from  are choisen for them, not by them. And what kind of say does the voter actually have? Another chance to vote for someone else's choice in Four Years. Some people call this democracy, but the facts are clear, the only say people in general have is the right not to vote, even if they vote they will still have no say in the Fraud that governs them.
     Self Government BC Elections May 21st. Bring your shovel when you come to vote and make your vote count..    

Thursday, April 20, 2017

That game is rigged.

     Big Money, Corperartions, control so much now  that  they can manipulate market values from raw resources to shelf prices. Transportation and energy food drugs sports advertising and communications are all played with by big Money to keep making more money. You are in the game or you are not. 99% are not.
     What is the point of having Elections at a cost of millions of dollars, yes all those signs that say Vote For Me, are paid for by money taken directly out of the public purse, and after elections signs are in the dump, Big Money is still Government. The Old New World Order holds and controls all Governments by debt. Lots of money for elections and wars of destrution, no money for rotten teeth or social housing construction. Legal or not, the construct of control by Money is Criminal Behavior by Results. The Garden Party Self Government is not saying Lock Big Money Up, but we can stop working for them. Simple or complicated it must be done, tooth aches hurt. 
     Gardening with nature.

    New Garden.

Wall Street Deregulation

     Money does not care who is president of the US, as long as the  cartoon character keeps the scam going, so the rich get richer until they own everything. Wall Street, Scam Street would be a better name, is getting Deregulation and Big Money is getting Tax Breaks.
     Money, owns enough now, to be able to perpetuate their ever increasing profits with economic control of governments. Regardless of who gets elected, if a party was not serving the interest of the rich, a squeeze by economic means disrupting local economies, putting the blame on elected officials, and out they go, Money Rules The World. Not quite,
     Money has not one word of say in the Garden Party, People do all the talking, walking and turning over the dirt, and nothing is dirtier than Big Money, it is a rigged game, and we quite playing and paying. To the Compost with Money, there is a new game in town, called The Garden Party, Self Government without Money, Taxes are now 100%. BC Self Government Elections May 21st, Garden Party leading  with most Garden Poles.

Money and politics.

     Money, the few people with lots of money make politicians their puppets no matter which party gets elected in the so called Democratic Countries such as Canada. 
     Money owns big business, controls market prices, buys its way in politics, what politicians would dare to upset the money rich who have more power than they do, so give them tax breaks and give them deregulation so they take even more.
     The Electorial Process has failed in the US as well as Canada. A nut, is president ,how did that happen? He is not the first nut to be president but he may be the most dangerous . Trump is trashing washy was left of democracy in United States, yet he remain in power and can send off a nuclear missile in four minutes.
     He, Trump should be impeached but that only gives us a breath till some other nut fires a nuclear weapon. Big Money is happy with Trump and his cutting taxes and deregulation for the Wall Street Mob.
     Money has run BC Politics for the intire memory of this old man, and never more so than the fraud liberal party that has been on the throne this past four years. Mind you, money took over the NDP when they last ran the Big Out House in Victoria. The Process has failed.
     Self Government Elections for BC May 21st 2017.

Started Another New Garden.

     First plant, gooseberries. Using cactus as compost. Gravel ground, gravity fed water, three morels growing among the stones. 
     April 21st, World Buy Nothing Day. Also monthly World Do Nothing But Garden Day, and if you are in Spences Bridge you can look for morel mushrooms.  

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

More Gardens.

     Lots of room for more gardens in Port Alberti. Plan is to make a big haul of plants, in about two weeks to get a new nursery started, as the Saanich location may be over June 1st. One spot closing down, but four more just starting.   

Friday, April 14, 2017

Occupation Port Alberni.

     The Garden Party is campaigning in Port Alberni BC, Pruning apple and pear trees. Our audience may not be large, but it will be well grounded, starting another garden nursurery and a few ideas for something a little more. 
     More Garden Party Candidates entering the First BC Self Government Non Elections set for May 21st. All the losers of the Fraud BC Election of May 9th, will still have time to run in the Real Elections where nobody loses, It is more exciting than a  horse race. 
     Opportunities are everywhere you look, when you get past the wall of thinking inside the box. Flowers burst out of the ground,  ideas come to mind, and a way, a how to, is seen in mind or third eye you might say.  Turn one shovel of dirt, make one apple pie, take one stroke of the paint brush, pray with every word you say, join in with the Garden Party and we are on our way, outside the box.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

School failure.

     For the past 70 years our schools have destroyed the opportunity of  students experiencing self-expression. Children should be making a social contribution by the age of 10. It is a part of their growing up compitant responsible adults.
     Exertion, effort, challenges and accomplishment with a sense of helping family or community, thus having a feeling of genuine self value, other than in competition and gladiator sports.
     Gardening will now have equal time and resources as games in all schools starting in kinder garden. We could add in a little cooking and sewing and sawing, give the young people portable wealth instead of concussions.
     For example, high schools could go out to farms and lend a hand to farmers and get a education right now. Everybody benefits and it builds that rare thing in Canada called Community!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Garden party elections news.

Faster than the speed of light the garden party has expanded elections in BC Canada for federal elections and now for all  municipalities. The election date is May 21, 1917. So we are now excepting candidates for municipal, provincial and federal elections. There's no point in wasting any time, Make your vote count on May 21 and become the new government of BC, And Canada.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

How self government works.

     Self government requires responsible people. We know what we need to address, we will address all of it, and could address it today if enough people put their shovel where their mouth is and dug as fast as they talk, we could get rid of the mighty machines and grow food fit to eat.
     The garden party interpretation of self government is selfless government. The responsibility is to the collective good not the individual benefit. The collective is the world collective, we can or will soon be able to communicate with people everywhere.
     BC Seif Government Elections May 21st, Garden Party do nothing day.  

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Why are all elections frauds?

      Money, the people that have lots of money, can make and break any elected government. It has been done many times before, even in Canada, every time a People's movement politically gain control of government big business does what it can to derail the government , Unemployment, inflation, Higher prices for gasoline, many tactics are used, socialist governments are overthrown or bankrupted. As long as big money can make profits they do not care who is government or how corrupt they are.
    We have not yet seen any big money trying to derail the Garden Party at Self Government Conventions taking place all over the province getting geared up for BC's First Self Government elections May 21st. No tax write offs out of the public purse in this election, nor costs for the voting process where you give away say. Every voter is a candidate in the Garden Party Self Government Elections May 21st. Want to vote? Pick up a shovel and vote.

Occupation Apple Tree: Alcohol is a poison

Occupation Apple Tree: Alcohol is a poison

Alcohol is a poison

     Planted grapes today, these are for eating. I am back at Spences Bridge for the next few days. There is still a lot of work that can be done, it is a beautiful place. About half of the vines are in the ground and the other half will be put in tomorrow.
     All alcohol is a poison to your body, if you drink a bit every day your body has to process that poison and eradicate the toxic alcohol overworking your organs also messing up both the digestive system and the brain. It is a slow downhill deterioration that happens to people who drink too much. The drinking habit is costly in both money and health, a poor investment into the future.
    Sunny, at least Ten Years Dry.
    Steve, working in the garden.
    Now in Spences Bridge 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Instant response government

     Guessing, 5000 votes (transplants), went into the ground today in Spences Bridge, More tomorrow. This Epic Hilltop Plant In, Offically Kicks Off Canada's Help a Farmer Month, basically, getting the crops planted. New Canadian Custom, and Push Back Against Toxic Corporate Farms. 
     May 21st is Garden Party Self Government Election Day, remember, your vote is the one that counts. Exercise that vote daily, we will be moving 200 grape vines to another small farm near Spences Bridge possibly next week.         

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Come Together.

     Care for one another, the Corporate Run World cares not for you except as a cog to keep the monetary machine functioning, chewing up everyone and the environment in the process. Big Greed needs slaves,  slaves do not need Big Greed. In these final days of Money Control, it is time for the slavepeople of Canada and Elsewhere to come together with their skills for the right reasons. Work together to eliminate Money Control Completely. Money is only the latest method of the privileged few, running the world. That is until enough of the people rise up, but results from uprisings are not all that good so far. There are uprisings and crack downs going on all over the world, Challenging the Powers when they start picking off journalists is a bit late. Some of the first to go are the investigative reporters, they are the front line in a way, once out of the way, all other opposition to Power, are open game.
     Withdraw support from all that you oppose, to the maximum possible, buy as little as possible, give away as much as you are able, as we do so, together we can bring in the changes we want to see, and bankrupt what we want to see gone, like Monsanto and the Military Industry, From the process of participation in making the change, a new self government starts taking place.. 
     We have learned from mistakes, and it is high time we stop making the same ones. By exercising our vote ourselves,  instead of giving votes to a corrupting process, run by Money, People can take their vote back, and vote for themselves, in BC's First Self Government Elections, where every voter gets to count their vote on BC Self Government Election Day, May 21st, 2017, and put that vote to work immediately, just like that, BC, and Canada for that matter, have an alternate Government. No Signs, no waste, no financial cost, no enviromental cost, every candidate for Self Goverment is a winner, and the cost of Government is Nothing. We are not expecting money to disappear over night, we are just showing BC Tax Payers a savings of somewhere between 150 to 500 million dollars that will not be in the public purse. That is the real monitary cost of the provincial election in May.
    The Early Bird Advance Voting Polls are now Open for voting in BC For Self Government. Get out your shovels and vote for The Garden Party, Self Government Without Borders. Dig in.