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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Zero Unemployment Canada.

     The Self Government of Canada Without Borders, The Garden Party, a Party that encompasses all Political Labels, all color variations, all Religions all Sexes and all ages has achieved Zero Unemployment, and at present needs about 250 000 Young Garden Farmers Full Time, or about 125,000 Old Garden Farmers Part Time for Long Term Jobs, changing agriculture practices in Western Canada. There is a bit of dirt to turn, and that is a Specialty of The Garden Party. We have jobs for all the people who do not need money and who can pay their employers the minimum wage, plus expenses. Now that seems like a fair deal, to have the privilege of a job, fresh air and daily workouts, job satisfaction, no commute or driving stress, work hours up to workers, campground facilities (maintained by workers at their own expence), Spring Fed water supply, perfect place for all ages, 70 year olds can get in shape and stay in good health, and it cost nothing to go to work, bring your tents and campers, don't forget the Garden Tools, bring them all and leave the ones you are no longer using on the farm for others. There is 112 acres of work to do, the weather is warming up and Sping is an ideal time for work and socializing in Spences Bridge. Full Employment for all who want to make a real contribution and can pay their own way. There is more than Gardening and orchard work here, farm maintenance requires many skilled trades, bring your tools. 
      Today we are pulling sagebrush, fixing tractors, pruning grapes, picking poplar buds, raking leaves, talking about world conditions, changing world conditions, and a whole bunch of other stuff, get it touch, Louis, Jim, and Dave. in the Camp Ground, ph 604 928 3663. 

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