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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Welcome Refugees, Canada.

     Canada is ending monoculture, according to The Garden Party Minister of Diversity, of the Self Government of Canada. The Self Government Without Borders requires, willing hands, not documentation. The Garden Party's Five Year Plan is, filling empty rural houses across the country with Gardeners to develop local organic food production that will work to repair the damage that has been done, and to stop further damage being done presently by mighty machines, herbicides, pesticides, over grazing, and monoculture. Ready for the challenge? We are wheel barrel shovel ready biting at the bit to go. So even if the Elected Government still consider crossing the border illegal, the Garden Party considers all borders a crime preventing freedom of natural movement of people. So the Garden Party has no borders, and needs Thousands of Gardeners starting this year, it may prove to be a challenge but it must be done, without delay. All resources available will be going into this project, we expect to do town hall public meetings, and stimulate action, the benefits will exceed all expectations, of that we are sure. It will stimulate changes that will address much if not all the social and environmental problems we face today. It is a matter of will and struggle, but, together it is not a big deal, as we get on the same page and get into sink for the right reasons, the World Will Change With Us.
     If you see reason to make contact, for now, give us a call or text: 1-604-928-3663. Plan to be in Spences Bridge, Hill Top Camp Ground, March 11th.
     CANADA FEEDS CANADA IN SIX YEARS. Dig in,copy this action, adapt to your situation where you live, we need world change, refugees need a place to call Home.
     PASS IT ON MAIL WORLD WIDE. Have a nice day.

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