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Thursday, March 16, 2017

PDS and Military.

     A Military Farm Camp. It is sometimes easier to explain concepts to people face to face, because words can use eyes to see what needs explanation. This idea has been well taught out, it will work, and end up being self funded. However it could be supported and even overseen, by the Canadian Military, as a duty to those members who served and now suffer from Post Dramatic Stress. 
     Purpose, to be a place that any former or present military personal who need help, can walk in the door and feel at home. The Bases or farms, growing food for Vets, and those suffering around the world because of wars, would be Operated by Vets. They would be provided with the means for the full operation, from farm to filling the empty plates. Use of warships or transport planes and tanks could be used if needed for a emergency response.  PSD members remain part of the military, can continue to serve, be paid, be surrounded with love and support, and, while working on helping others, aid the healing of themselves, and make the world a more peaceful place. 
     The benefits and spin offs  from doing these Military Farm Camps Correctly are too many to list, and, having handy a trained and equipped emergency Force, shovel ready, domestically or overseas, with a organic carrot to eat, what more could we ask, than this should be done at once. There should be a few dozen set up this year in Canada, why not?  Who is in Charge Here? Who is going to give the Orders? Is it the General Gardener Dictator?
     Well here is The New World Order : Provide the Base, the Vets and Gardeners will change the Place. If anyone wants a follow up, details, know how, advice, plans, shovels, plants, funding if necessary, involvement, etc. 604 928 3663 Louis. CANADA FEEDS CANADA  AND OTHERS IN SIX YEARS. A goal of The Garden Party Self Government of Canada Without Borders.
  Judgement Day News Today.
    Plants Going to New Nursery Tofino BC. We are Growing.
     Perennials, grapes Raspberry strawberries, goose berries, figs, apricot, horseradish, etc.

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