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Monday, March 27, 2017

One Is On Her Way.

     From Montreal Canada, she is leaving Ontario in about a week, driving a pickup truck, always working, helping people out that can't afford to pay, on her way to prune fruit trees in Spences Bridge. We can connect and keep you posted as to her progress, perhaps you would like to meet her, she carrys cheer with her, and can chop wood. It is not likly she will be in Spences Bridge on time for pruning the fruit trees, but food farms always have lots to do Spring Summer and Fall.
     So if anybody wants to take a week off from corporate capitalism, get fresh air, and do a week of social capitalism, now would be a good time. The Garden Party charges nothing for its work, nor pays it civil servants a thin dime, we function on a real economy. Social Capitalism, has already taken root from Rocks of Vancouver Island to the Rock Gardens of Cornerbrook NFL. Now we are going international, it is natural evolution, the world is changing quickly to correction, without money. The New World Order, be the change.
     See you soon Wood Chopper.

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