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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Money Money Money.

     People, The use of Money is coming to an End, The Garden Party that has cancelled Elections in Canada is also getting rid of that curse Money before its final collapse. The money systems could unwind all at once, the whole world next time, nothing will put those paper chains back together again. No doubt those who now have claim to the most of what will soon be nothing, are hard at work to preserve their organized crime power position as it composts. New models of exchange made up by "experts", lawyers etc  will make a grand attempt to hold on privileged position of the few. Sorry, pick up a shovel, It is amazing how much more gets done when everybody helps out without the obstacles of money. The fastest growing economy in Canada is the Moneyless Economy. People count on each other. It's is also amazing what you can do today to get a little funding where cash is needed for a good idea to come to life, and do something positive that changes the world. Little ideas, like politely asking Canadians to stop exporting weapons. Yes a few people have jobs working for Money, but when their quality products just end up causing more human pain, it must stop. Weapons manufactures can Start making Quality Other Things, to aid the halt of global warming, or make free garden tools for all the new refugees in Canada that want to garden. Working together is the way to Peace. 
     Shut down, refuse to work for or supply any services, for Weapons Makers. They add to conflicts around the world, and do nothing to prevent conflict. We need to pay attention before conflict. How many of the world conflicts are caused because of resources, all to feed Greed and Money? 
     The Garden Party is getting cheaper every day, by the way, today we were given use of a farm, near Tofino, BC. Plants are on the way already to start another nursery, and we don't even have to do the planting, life is Good, at least it is peaceful in the Garden. Will be in the BC Interior this weekend. Dig In, Spring on The Coast, peas are planted.

   Good pick of Nettles today.

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