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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Life Is Better In The Garden.

     It don't matter what problem or aliment you got, when you get into a garden a different world opens up, effectual in the healing of every problem. From the Horses Mouth, not from Dr Donald Duck, Doctors in Canada are pill pushing quacks who throw pills at symptoms, totally ignoring the causes of pain. After that, they are giving all kinds of pills to deal with side effects created by the pills they issued after a five minute diagnosis on the patient, that got as far as symptoms. The original cause of the pain may have healed on it own, but the new symptoms from the pills, carry on for decades, and they do, in many people. This is big bucks for the Criminal Legal Drug Industries, and their Lawyers, it would not supprize anyone today to know to what extent some people will go to make big bucks. Could it be intentional? 
   Well, here is the biggest buck of all, Go to the Garden before you go to see a quack. Expect all big drug industries in the compost, their interest is Money, not Health, end of story. The Garden Party is changing the story now, poplar buds are in the olive oil, that makes two drug stores in six weeks, more or less.
      All things start with one step, step on your shovel and start a garden, good for the health, guaranteed.
    Flower Buds
    See those rows of trees accross the road, that is here, from the Grapes.
    Pruners, where are you? Working for organized crime?

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