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Friday, March 31, 2017

Insurance Corrupt.

     The Legal Criminal Insurance Industries sell protection. Before the Legal Protection Racket, now called Insurance, there was 'The Mob', illegal Organized Crime Protection Racket, and everybody paid. Pay or we mess up your business, simple contract clearly understood, without a piece of paper, just like the police, you had to pay them off. After public pressure, the mob had to drop the illegal protection payoff racket and so did the police. The Mob, with purchased politicians set up a legal protection racket, and called the scam Insurance. The Same People, with some competition, getting the same results. The crime did not stop, it has been legislated into law, and now, The legalized Criminals get police protection,  everybody is paying a little bit to Organized Crime with every single little purchase. People insure everything, their stuff, their mortgage, their life, their wheelbarrow, what a huge racket. It is far worse today than is was in 1920. Organized Crime has redefined, and now has The Law, to back their crime and force everybody to pay. 
     That's Scam is Over. Feeling better already. Insurance Company Employees had better start a garden this year, all Insurance Companies are headed for The Garden Party Compost, where all rotten dead wood goes, we are heavy on pruning right now. 
     It is a good time for laid off Insurance sales people to take advantage of free lessons on pruning fruit trees in Spences Bridge, and get some portable wealth. Or bring your skill and be a professor.
     The Minister For More Unemployment will be in Agassiz Sunday, Saanich Tuesday, back in SB as soon as possible, the weather is great to work in right now.
    Social capitalism, Real Community, the only Insurance that can be relied on.

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