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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

How To Stop Overdoses.

     Simple, undercut the street dealers. Provide safe drugs cheaper than the unsafe drugs from the street. Not difficult for Elected Governments and Drug Makers  to do, but they don't want to, or really do not care about people dying. They made the rules and Laws that prevent solutions. Blame Deaths from overdoses on Elected Provincial and Federal Governments for failing to take actions that they could take at any time.
     Talk to the Addicts, get the detox centres set up this Spring on Small mixed farms. People need something to do with their minds and bodies while breaking off addiction. There are a lot of ex addicts who would jump at a job operating a detox farm, temporary funding may be required. A Good Spot for addicts to go when they want to quit. Simple, and meet the people that did manage to quit, who are there to help, sharing their experience, not just out of the hole, but providing an opportunity for those who need it, to enter in to a supportive community. The people who go through a detox centre often need help beyond the detox, and support will be there. If anyone falls back, they can try again, as soon as they are ready. Any person that goes through the process, and learns it, can take that experience to a start up another farm to help others, such as safe places for run away kids, or homeless, or safe houses for abused women, or immigrants, with things to do that are a real value to themselves and the world. The Idea can only grow, and there are a lot of hungry, even in Canada. And there is also a lot of neglected and abused land across Canada that could be used, and should be used. Overcome the obstacles. Provide the Land.
   Ex-addicts", don't wait for Spring, find a location, The Garden Party Minister of Collecting Political Donations, will throw in his two bits, and pea seed, or will work with you to make a miracle. 
    "Gardeners", winter is dragging on but will soon be gone. Ex-addicts are not all Gardeners and few Gardeners are Addicts. What an opportunity and challenge for retired Gardeners and Farmers, to team up with ex Addicts and ex Convicts, that would be serving social needs and environment improvement as to agriculture, all at one time, and be healthier for it. Think about it. The Garden Party is not interested in any big organized Central Control taking over all the Farms in Canada, but decisions have to made, so we are making decisions, if you don't do it, The Garden Party Self Government Without Borders will.
     Farmland wanted for all the projects mentioned and a few dozen more, from Vancouver Island to NFL. If Funds are needed, we will put all our Ministers to work collecting funds with shovels. 

    First Homey Bee in Garden Today.
   Wild Onions.

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